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Disadvantages of bombs: -They kill people - They provide enviromental destruction - Destroy and make people homeless - They cause emigration, which is escaping/traveling to Another Country -They also provide fear - They will damage a city, and thus there will be a great need for money to rebuild >>>Hope this helped!

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Q: Disadvantages of bombs
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What are the disadvantages of enriched uranium?

Disadvantages of enriched uranium:- it is very difficult to prepare- can be used for bombs- the price is prohibitive- need of a complicate and expensive technology

What are the disadvantages of Iran creating nuclear energy?

Producing weaponized uranium and nuclear material from which nuclear bombs can be built.

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Atom bombs. Atom bombs.

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Both basically are the same, they can be fission or fusion bombs like Uranium,Plutonium and Hydrogen bombs. A general description would be that atomic bombs are fission bombs. Nuclear bombs are fusion bombs. Fusion bombs are more powerful weight for weight

Where were the bobms dropped?

*bombs. & which bombs? Any bombs are dropped ANYWHERE.

What were the bombs in the blitz?

H.e (high explosives)/fire bombs and oil bombs

How many bombs were used in columbine?

48 -- Carbon Dioxide bombs 27 -- Pipe bombs 11 -- 1.5 gallon propane bombs 7 -- gas or napalm bombs 2 -- 20 pound propane bombs

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* 2 nuclear bombs, 1945. * earthquakes * lack of flat land * destroyed after the war * lack of raw materials * tsunamis * islands * typhoons* volcanos * climate

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What bombs were used in the blitz?

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