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Divorce in Bermuda?


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September 17, 2009 6:58PM

Divorce in Bermuda is based upon the UK legal system. There are very few grounds for divorce and there is no such thing as NO FAULT divorce as in USA and Canda, or even other jurisdictions.

The most common ground for divorce is Unreasonable Behaviour. It must be documented to demonstrate that the respondent, if you are the petitioner, has behaved in such as way that you cannot live with them any longer.

Other grounds for divorce are adultery (which is difficult to prove but has some benefits in doing so if you wish to use this grounds for divorce), Abandonment if separated for 2 years or more. Other grounds may be found at

Divorce can be quick but the anciliary relief phase where you deal with alimony, division of assets, and the financial settlement phase can be costly and take a long time if you and your ex are unable to work things out together.

You are able to read about Bermuda divorces on the Government Website under the heading Judiciary or Ministry of Justice.