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Q: Do you have to take parenting classes in the state of get a divorce?
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Can a divorce in Indiana be stopped if parenting classes have not been ordered by a judge?

In the state of Indiana, it is law for you to go to a parenting class before a judge will sign your divorce decree if you have children. In fact you can't even get a hearing if you have not completed the class. You are supposed to complete the class within 30 days of filing for divorce. It does not need to be ordered by a judge since it is already a law.

where can i find free parenting classes in belen,new mexico?

In NMSU College of Agriculture and Home Economics you can find free parenting classes in belen,new mexico. You can find a schedule of parenting classes in Belen by contacting Charolette Collins at 505-332-3765. The New Mexico State Universityas Strengthening Families Initiative sponsors these classes.

Could a judge give a parent custody of his child if all of his parenting classes are not completed?

If state law allows the judge that authority, yes.

Do you have to take adoption classes to adopt a baby?

I don't think there is any "adoption" classes however, I would expect that you'd have to attend a parenting class. It might also depend on your state so ask an adoption agency

If neither parent has custody can the father take their child to live with him and it not be a crime so long as he files a parenting plan and they both live in Pennsylvania state?

If there was a legal divorce and division of marital property, the custody of the child(ren) MUST have been addressed in the divorce action. Check your divorce papers carefully. If it somehow happened that it was not addressed at the time of divorce, and you do not wish the father to have custody, you can go back to court and re-open the child custody portion of divorce proceedings, and a judge will make a determination as to who is the more 'fit' parent for primary custody.As long as the parenting plan is filed, yes. But, there are far more issues to be addressed if the father is not married to the mother. see link

Do any states require parenting classes for first time parents?

Under normal circumstances, no (the court can order it under specific circumstances). But every state should require it.

Your husband wants a divorce and you don't. Can he divorce you?

Yes. In the United States you cannot force a spouse to stay married to you. Every state has no-fault divorce and even if you do not co-operate the divorce will happen eventually. It will take longer and be more costly. You should consult with an attorney who can review your situation, explain your options and help you understand what issues you need covered by a divorce agreement. If you have children you will also need a parenting plan.

Is there any kind of law in the state of Tennessee where you have to have marriage classes before a divorce?

Sometimes a judge may request this so the couple is sure they want the divorce, but generally it would be wise for the couple to make sure they want a divorce (especially if there are children) by going to marriage counseling. Divorce is not only traumatic for the two spouses, but often children blame themselves when the parents get a divorce. So unless a judge has requested this, then no, there is no real law that can force you to take marriage classes.

What type of parenting did you experience?

My parents ruined me. Divorce and custody problems moved me from house to house and school to school. My parents were good parents in that they didn't beat me or hit me. Everything else just did not help my mental state at all.

If someone was married in Maryland and they want a divorce but spouse lives in lousinana what state do you file for the divorce?

If you want a divorce, you file for a divorce in the state where you are a resident.

Is Wisconsin a no fault state for divorce?

Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state.

If I got married in Texas can I get divorce in a different state?

You get a divorce from the state in which you reside, not the state you were married in.

What is the difference between parenting and parenthood?

Parenthood is a state of being and becoming a parent and asuming the asociated responsibilities. Parenting is the act of performing the roles and responsibilities of a parent. Parenting may be performed by people who are nt parents themseves.

Do divorce papers have to state that a woman wants to keep her married last name and does it also have to state reason for divorce before signing?

It varies state by state, but typically you do make that decision within your divorce papers authorization. You can see the steps to divorce in your state at the link below.

Is Ohio a no fault divorce state?

Yes, Ohio is a no fault divorce state.

If you are living and get married both Fault states then move to a No-fault state which regulates the divorce?

The state where you reside when you file for divorce has jurisdiction over you. Therefore, if you are living in a no-fault state when you file for divorce, your divorce will be no-fault.

What state regulates a divorce when it is filed in a different state than marriage occurred?

The state where the divorce is filed.

Can you get a divorce in AR when wife is pregnant?

No fault divorce allows someone to divorce their spouse for reasons that are recognized by the state. Below is a link that has alot more information on divorce. Arkansas is a no fault divorce state.

Is California an at-fault state FOR DIVORCE?

California is a no fault divorce state. Anyone can obtain a divorce based upon "irreconcilable differences" regardless of the reasons for the divorce.

If you marry in Vegas what divorce rights do you have for the state i live in?

A marriage in any state is recognized in all states, and a divorce in any state is a divorce in all states.

Is inheritance part of the marriage money in a divorce?

Divorce laws vary from state to state.

Is a divorce heard in state or federal courts?

Divorce is under the jurisdiction of state courts.

Can you get a divorce if you married in a different state?

You can get a divorce in a state different from the one you are married in if you or your spouse is a resident of the other state. Residency varies from state to state but usually take 6 months to a year to establish residency for the purpose of getting a divorce in that state.

State two effects that good parenting practices may have on children?

Three way in which poor parenting practices may affect the behaviour of adolescents.

Can you move to Alaska with 3 kids then file for divorce from husband in Oregon?

It depends on how long you were there and where husband is. There is a Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act that all states have adopted and the state where the child is for six months will usually have jurisdiction over the custody. However, you can't just take the kids and hide them for six months for this to work. Also, the parents can agree on a parenting plan in either state. With regard to the divorce, the state where the couple lives will usually have jurisdiction. You cannot file for divorce in a state that neither husband nor wife reside in. However, if you were both in Oregon and then you left Oregon and moved to Alaska and husband still lives in Oregon, yes, Oregon would be the most appropriate place to get divorced.