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On a 2002 Ford Expedition :

The thread on cap on the engine coolant reservoir is the pressure cap /

radiator cap

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Q: Do 2002 Ford Expedition XLT have a radiator cap?
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What kind of gasoline does a 2002 Ford Expedition XLT use?

" regular " unleaded , 87 octane

Which one is cylinder 4 on a 2002 Ford Expedition XLT with a 4.6L Titron engine?

passenger side back plug

1997 Ford Expedition XLT?

Yes , 1997 was the first model year for the Ford Expedition

What does Ford Expedition xlt stand for?

XLT means Extra Large Truck

How many gallons of gas does a 1998 Ford Expedition XLT hold?

( 26 gallons ) 4X2 with standard suspension ( 30 gallons ) 4X2 with air suspension ( 30 gallons ) 4X4 On 1997 to 2002 Ford Expedition

What is the operating range of the alternator on a 2002 ford expedition xlt?

Understanding the Alternator

Is your 1999 Ford Expedition XLT 4wd?


Is there a diagram on fuses for a 2000 Ford Expedition XLT?

iin the manual that came with your expedition

Your Ford Expedition has Auto Heads Lights that are always on?

Not in my 1998 Ford Expedition XLT. I seen them on the once that where built in CANADA.

Why does my 2002 Ford Expedition Triton XLT sputter when accelerating or idoling?

Auto Zone will check your computer codes for FREE. Then go from there.

Do you really need platinum plugs in your 2000 Ford Expedition 4.6L?

I install Motocraft on my 1998 Ford expedition XLT (4.6L)

Can you hook up a car seat to a 1999 ford expedition xlt?

Yes, you can hook up a car seat to the Ford Expedition

Where is the starter on the 1998 Ford Expedition xlt?

A few hours.

When was the Ford Expedition XLT first made?

The Ford Expediton where made from 1997 to present...

How many miles can you expect to get out of a 2000 Ford Expedition XLT?

It depends on the regular maintained and driving habits... I had a 1998 Ford Expedition XLT 4.6L. With over 125,000 miles on it and running strong... My brother has a 2000 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4L that has over 225,000 + plus miles on his...

How much will a tune up on a 2002 Ford Expedition cost?

Depending on the local shop or dealers... I have a 98 Ford Expedition XLT - 4.6L and I got a quote for $600.00 at a shop... So I decided to due it myseft... It took me almost 4 hours to due...

How do you release the spare tire on a 1999 Ford Expedition?

how do you release a spare tire on a 1999 ford expediton xlt

Engine diagram for 1998 ford expedition xlt 4.6L?


Where is the oil dipstick on a Ford Expedition XLT?

On the drivers side of the engine

Where is the fuse box on 2001 ford expedition xlt?

Underneath the dash.

Where can I get a 2000 ford expedition XLT owners manual?

Try eBay.

Where is oil filter on Ford expedition?

On my 1998 Ford Expedition XLT. The oil filter was located on the drivers side behind or near the front bumper.

How do you reset the alarm on 1998 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer?

i have a 98 ford expedition xlt the remote does not work how do i reset the alarm so it will work

Where can you find the fuse box for a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT?

On a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT : The fuse box is under the dash , on the drivers side

Is inside of expedition XLT as big as Eddie Bauer expedition?

The Ford Expedition XLT or Eddie Bauer are two of Fords trim levels ( Eddie Bauer having more standard features than the XLT ) So , if the Ford Expeditions are the same model years , the amount of space inside is the same