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DVRs Support HDTV and DD?

Generally, yes. HDTV and dolby digital are widely used, therefore the DVR capability is available.

Additional info for the United States - some cable companies (Comcast, Time Warner) now offer DVRs from Motorola and Scientific Atlanta that record and playback in HD with whatever audio is broadcast; usually for only about $5/mo for the equipment rental. Satellite companies also offer this service.

At this point all HD DVR boxes available in New Jersey record in HD and in Dolby Digital, as long as that is how the source is being broadcast from the cable company.

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Q: Do DVRs support HDTV or Dolby Digital?
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How do you get HDTV with an antena?

Now that almost all US TV stations are digital, you CAN get HDTV over the air.

How are HDTV and Digital TV alike?

by telivision and video.

Is digital TV the same as HDTV?

No it isn't dude

What is the most advanced form of digital TV?


Whatv is the dlp and HDTV?

DIP stands for Digital Light Projection, HDTV stands for High Definition Television.

How can you tell if tv is digital?

If the set has HDMI connectors it will be a HDTV.

Do VCRs support HDTV?

VCRs do not support HDTV. You will not be able to record HD. You will be able to record a converted HD signal but will lose the quality.

Is Dolby 5.1 is the HDTV standard for surround sound?

YES! I'm taking media certification level 1 for Best Buy too :O)

Is this TV broadcast HDTV ready?

This TV has a built in digital tuner and is HDTV ready so you can view over the air HD programming.

Does the sony grand wega KDF-E42A10 have a digital tuner?

Yes, analog (NTSC) and HDTV digital (ATSC) tuners.

How can you watch tv without cable access?

You can purchase a digital antenna or HDTV antenna.

When everything goes digital, how will I know if my television will work?

All televisions sold after March 1, 2007 include a digital tuner (by law) so you are good if you have bought a TV since then. If your television is labeled as �Integrated Digital Tuner,� �Digital Tuner Built-In,� �Digital Receiver,� �Digital Tuner,� �DTV,� �ATSC,� or �HDTV� then it has a built in device that will be fine after Feb. 17, 2009. If your television set is labeled as a �Digital Monitor� or �HDTV Monitor,� or as �Digital Ready� or �HDTV Ready,� this does not mean it actually contains a digital tuner. All this means is this TV is capable of handling the converter box. Thus, you still will likely need a separate set-top box which contains a digital tuner in order to view over-the-air digital programming.

When will mount barker switch to digital?

Most US tv stations have already switched to HDTV

Would an HDTV support a Blu-ray format?


Do you need a HDTV to view high definition channels?

theres isn't such thing as a hdtv, you need a tv which includes a buit in digital set top box which picks up digital channels. All new tv's have these now otherwise you can buy thebox seperately.

Can you get HDTV over the air broadcast on a HDTV monitor with a standard TV antenna or do you need a converter?

Yes, you can use the old antenna. However, some new antennas are specially designed to better capture digital TV signals. And the direction, angle, distance, and type of digital signals in your area could influence your choice of antenna. HDTV is a picture format, not a signal format. Most likely a TV with an HDTV picture format already has a digital tuner (ATSC) rather than only an analog tuner (NTSC). However, if it is just a monitor, then you may have to attach a tuner to it, or attach a tuner to your computer, and the computer to the monitor. Actually, there is no such thing as an "HDTV" tuner. There are analog and digital tuners. All HDTV is digital, but not all digital is going to be HDTV. In Feb 2009 the U.S. Government has mandated that all broadcasters will cease transmitting in analog format and begin transmitting their signals over the air in digital format only. This signal requires an ATSC type tuner (digital) to demodulate the digital signal and display it on your television screen. All TVs manufactured for use in the U.S. from 1 Jan 2006 must have an ATSC tuner. Older TVs with the older style NTSC tuner (analog) will require a converter box to demodulate the digital signals. More information about the upcoming changes to TV transmissions can be found here: === ===

Do all HDTV support PS3?

Any working HDTV will work with your PS3. The level of maximum quality will differ however depending on the quality of your TV. Also you will need to own an HDMI cable to output to your HDTV in HD.

Which video game system was the first to provide full support for HDTV?


Which video game system was the first to provide full support HDTV?


Is there a difference between HDTV and HDTV Integrated in 2007?

HDTV integrated is probably just marketing talk (written on the box) for HDTV. It means the same thing. HDTV is a new format that has higher resolution, higher clarity, and is all digital. TV stations in the USA are broadcasting digitally in HDTV format, or changing over by 2009. They are not required to stick to that format when they send digital signals, but if you get an HDTV you will probably be set up to receive most broadcast stations for a long time, as some stations will be reserved for that format. Also, your TV will probably still display other formats. For example, some channels are broadcasted digitally but still in the old NTSC format that old TVs display.

What is the most advanced form of digital television?

The most advanced form of digital television is an HDTV. This type of television offers a high definition picture with spectacular resolution.

What is HDTV?

HDTV stands for High Definition Television. HDTV is a digital television broadcasting standard. Since it is digital, the signals are composed of ones and zeroes -- the language of computers -- instead of waves. HDTV digital signals can contain more information that the old systems. The data can be compressed to allow up to six times more information in the same range of radio waves. Therefore, a broadcaster can send multiple data streams through the limited airwaves they are allowed to use. This is known as multicasting. The old TV standard was for 625 lines (not 525 lines across), with the television screen having a 4:3 "aspect ratio" (that is, the dimensions of the TV screen would be IN A RATIO of 4 to 3). Aspect ratio has very little to do with the broadcast standard - widescreen TV's are not necessarily HDTV (Mine's standard 625 PAL). HDTV can give display of 720 or 1080 lines, and the aspect ratio is 16:9. You can access HDTV with a digital converter on an old television. But this will not give you its full benefits. Newer models of TVs are being built with integrated receivers for HDTV.

Why should you switch to digital tv?

A much better picture on a much bigger screen. Prices on HDTV are at their lowest.

When will the Philips 42 1080p 120hz LCD HDTV with a digital tuner be lowered to about or around 1000.00 dollars at walmart?


Is the HDTV analog?

HDTV is a purely digital signal format today. There are in fact some analog standards for carrying HD component signals but they have fallen into disuse. Within the broadcast domain, HD is only digital and within the domestic market, HD sources are now using HDMI exclusively.