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Italians only like to play soccer on Wednesdays, Mondays, and Sundays. Those are the ONLY times Italians like to play soccer.

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Q: Do Italians like to play soccer?
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What sports to Italians play?

soccer and hockey

What are the sports Italians play?

Soccer is their main sport....

Do Italians play soccer on a holiday?

Yes, except Christmas

What are some sports Italians play?

bowling, soccer, bocce ball

What types of sports do the Italians play?

soccer i looke it up on

Did the Italians Invent Soccer?

yes they did along with MANY OTHER THINGS like soccer

Can Italians use hands in soccer?

no, they play regularly just like any other team...theres no exceptions as other players do, Italians too have to use foot in soccer. we all know goal keepers can use hand.

What sports do Italians play?

Most Italian kids play soccer! As well as this itailians like to swim, cycle and play tennis. they hold big championships for these sports

Soccer in Italian?

Italians call soccer calcio

Do Italian people like the world cup in football?

Italians are crazy about soccer!

Did the Italians build a soccer stadium when soccer was invented?


What do Italians call soccer?


What sports are italians good at?

Soccer and Rugby

Do Italians call soccer football?


How did Italians influence Australian sport?


Why do they like to play soccer?

because soccer is good

Are Italians successful soccer players?

In the past, Italians were successful soccer players. However, in the 2014 World Cup, they did not perform so well.

What is the Italians soccer teams name?

who are the players on Italy's soccer team for2010

Is soccer a part of Italian culture?

I think football is part of Italian culture. Nearly all Italians play the game.

Who were the first to play a game like soccer or soccer?

The English

What sport did the Italians bring to Australia?


What sport did Italians bring to Australia?


What does soccer mean in Italy?

Soccer means a greatdeal to the Italians it is their national sport of Italy.

What did Italians do for a living?

they go and have coffees with friends, they play football, soccer with a team, they go to the lothaire with friends family.. i hope i helped you

How many people like to play soccer?

dude come on, more than a billion people like to play soccer