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Do Muslims worship the sun as god?


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No!! They say that there is only one God and they do not know how he looks like and that Gods messenger is Muhammed. Most of the world is muslim. If you study Islam you might want to be its follower.

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Muslims worship one and only one God; the Creator.

Unfortunately, some non-Muslims believe that Muslims worship different god than god of Christians or Jews. Those non Muslims are either:

  • having no understanding of Islam religion, or

  • influenced by non Muslims who intentionally propagate wrong information about Islam.

Those non Muslims, mistakenly, believe that Allah is an "Arab god" or a "moon god," or some sort of idol.

It is important to clarify that Muslims worship the same God, the Creator, worshiped by other Heaven religions; Judaism and Christianity. This same God is named in Arabic as Allah. Allah is the proper name of the One True God, in the Arabic language.

Even the Arabic speaking Christians and Jews use the name Allah in their Arabic holy books and worship Allah.

Accordingly, it is a matter of different languages that cause different names for the same God; the Creator, the All-Mighty, and the All-Merciful ;and not a matter of different God worship.