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Read the label, or contact the company.

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What are Oscar Mayer hot dogs made of?

Weiners! Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner!!

Does Oscar Mayer Foods Corp. make hot dogs?

Oscar Mayer Foods Corp. makes hot dogs

Does Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs have gluten in them?

Oscar Mayer hot dogs are GLUTEN FREE. According to this website:

Where do you buy Oscar mayer mini hot dogs?


What is the price of Oscar Mayer hot dogs?

The price for Oscar Meyer hot dogs is roughly about $4.00 per package.

Where can you find Oscar Mayer hot and spicy hot dogs? $29.25/ case.

How much can I save using Oscar Mayer coupons?

If you purchase a lot of hot dogs and processed meat, then Oscar Mayer coupons might have a lot of value to you. There are coupons available for hot dogs in the local sunday paper mailers, and they are worth checking out.

What does the company Oscar Mayer produce?

Oscar Mayer started out over 100 years ago as a butcher shop started by two brothers, Oscar and Gottfried Mayer, in Chicago. Today it is a division of food conglomerate Kraft Foods. They specialize in lunch meats, hot dogs, bacon and lunch combos.

What happened to Oscar Mayer Microwaveable hot dogs in a bun?

They got discontinued due to a FDA issue.

Are Oscar Mayer Wieners made in Mexico?

If any Oscar Mayer products are made for distribution in Mexico, they would probably be produced by Sigma Alimentos. I have found no information that says Sigma Alimentos actually makes the hot dogs - only that they have exclusive rights to distribute the brand.If you need more information, contact Oscar Mayer or Sigma Alimentos. See Related Links.

Who is Oscar G Meyer?

The place that makes hot dogs and pastrami is MAYER - not MEYER. All these questions are irrelevant, because they've MISSPELLED the name.

What is the weight of package hot dogs?

In the United States, most packages of hot dogs weigh 16 ounces. This includes most packages of Ball Park Hot Dogs, Bar S Franks, and Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs. In contrast, a package of Hebrew National Kosher Beef Franks weighs 12 ounces (but their Dinner Franks weigh 16 ounces) and a package of Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs Fat Free weighs 14 ounces.

Is acesulfame potassium safe for dogs?

Acesulfame potassium does not act like xylitol in dogs. Xylitol is extremely toxic, acesulfame potassium is apparently not.

Does Oscar Mayer still make the XXL hot and spicy hot dogs?

Yes..but finding them will be hard. I have not had any luck finding a store that will or can order them for me. Find a picture of the package and print it off and take it around to your local markets and see they can help you.

What were some new products of the 1920S?

Many new products were introduced in the 1920s. It was an era of innovation and improvement in industrial sciences. Some of the products included Planter's Peanuts, Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, Green Giant Peas, Kool-Aid, and more.

What is Zoey Peters dogs name?

Oscar Myer Peters

Oscar (Mayer)Night Party?

Leave the expensive refreshments to Wolfgang Puck and the Hollywood power players. Throw a fun and affordable Oscar Mayer products party to watch the Academy Awards with these suggestions.Potluck FavorsChallenge guests to make a creative potluck dish from Oscar Mayer’s product line of cold cuts, their iconic hot dogs, adult lunch kits and other prepared meats.Provide easy to prepare and serve side dishes like chili, pork and beans, chips, dips, salad fixings, and an assortment of condiments for the hot dogs.Party FavorsResearch the Oscar Mayer story at the Kraft foods website and create a trivia game about the brand. Challenge guests to recall details about Oscar the animated spokes-character for the brand and marketing of the Wienermobile.Make a buffet table of luncheon meats, cheeses, assorted breads, and condiments, and have a Dagwood sandwich contest. Give the winner a book of coupons (print them from the Kraft website) for Oscar Mayer products. Get the kids in on the fun with a best hot dog garnishing contest.Name GameUse commercials to play rounds of name that sandwich. Give the name of sandwiches and have guests list the ingredients used to make the sandwich. A few popular named sandwiches are: club sandwich, reuben, Monte Cristo, and the Dagwood.

Where in New Zealand can you buy Oscar Meyer hot dogs?


What is the common name of potassium bromide?

its used for some dogs medicine

Why can't dogs eat onions?

dogs are unable to eat onions because of what they contain is poisonous to dogs.

Where can you find wholesale Oscar Mayer hot dogs?

I have called them ten times searching for wholesale hotdogs for my business! I have to say that Kraft Foods have an amazing amount of totally stupid people working there as not one person out of ten could direct me to a wholesale division. I'm going to do business with Nathans!

Where and what are dogs annal glands?

they are around the dogs anus and they contain the fluid (scent) that is used to mark a dogs territory

Does dogfood contain dead dogs?

NO! and neither dose hot dogs lol! =P

What did Fat kids Skinny kids Kids that climb on rocks and more like to eat?

hot dogs, Armour hot dogs, the dogs kids love to bite

Does Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs have casein in them?

I doubt it, since casein is a dairy protein and kind of expensive to use as filler. But all you have to do to make sure is read the ingredients list on the package's nutrition facts panel. It will list all ingredients in the hot dog from highest percentage of total product weight to lowest.