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Pentecostals do celebrate Christmas.

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Q: Do Pentecostal's celebrate Christmas
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Do Pentecostals celebrate Christmas?

Very much so!

Do Pentecostals decorate a Christmas tree?

Pentecostals do decorate Christmas trees.

Do Pentecostals celebrate St Patrick's Day?


What are the beliefs of the pentecostal about Christmas?

Well, most Pentecostals celebrate Christmas just like any other person, but some strict churches don't celebrate Christmas, and they have reason behind that. I mean, let's face it folks! Shepherds don't herd their in winter! Jesus was born in the summer, and Jehovah's Witness believes that too. That is why they don't celebrate Christmas either! But it is ok to celebrate Christmas! It can also be a time to reunite familys and the kind spirit is flowing dourung the holidays. Everyone gets work off, and so why not celebrate!

Do the Greece celebrate Christmas?

no they celebrate the Christmas

How do Spain celebrate Christmas?

they celebrate Christmas with light's

Can you celebrate Christmas?

Yes you can celebrate Christmas.

Do you celebrate thanks on Christmas?

Do we celebrate thanks on christmas?

How does this group celebrate Christmas?

how does this group celebrate Christmas

Who are the people celebrate Christmas?

Christian Celebrate Christmas...

Does the United Kingdom celebrate Christmas?

Yes. They do celebrate Christmas. On December 25Christians in the United Kingdom do celebrate Christmas.

Did Norman Rockwell celebrate Christmas?

Yes he did celebrate Christmas.

When does celebrate Christmas in Russia?

we celebrate Christmas in January, 7.

Does France Celebrate Christmas?

Yes, France does celebrate Christmas.

Do Greeks celebrate Christmas?

They do celebrate christmas if they are Grecian and do not if they are Greekyons.

Do they celebrate Christmas in Trinidad?

Yes we do celebrate Christmas in Trinidad

Does Thailand celebrate Christmas?

Yes, Thailand does celebrate Christmas.

Does Venezuela celebrate Christmas?

Yes, Venezuela does celebrate Christmas.

Why does peter Andre not celebrate Christmas?

Peter does celebrate Christmas.

Do Iranians celebrate Christmas?

Yeah Iranians do celebrate christmas.

How does Bermuda celebrate Christmas?

yes Bermuda does celebrate Christmas.

How do people in other countries celebrate their Christmas?

Most countries celebrate christmas, but Asians celebrate christmas other way.

What religions do not celebrate Christmas?

Christians do celebrate Christmas Indian Muslim ANSWER Jehovah's Witnesses is a Christian denomination that does not celebrate Christmas.

When do Christians celebrate Christmas and why?

They celebrate it on the 25th of December. Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ :)

How do Chinese people celebrate there Christmas?

they dont celebrate christmas,they celebrate new years day