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Q: Do Persian cats get fleas
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Can cats get nits?

No, they get fleas. Fleas are cats and dogs Nits.

Can bird fleas live on cats?

No, bird fleas cannot get into cats. There are different kinds of fleas.

Do all cats have fleas?

No, not all cats have fleas. Fleas are just little tiny insects that live on the cat. Most properly cared for cats do not have fleas.

How do cats get worms from fleas?

If your cat has fleas and eats the fleas, they can get worms. Cats get tapeworms from ingesting fleas, which can happen when they are grooming.

Can cats get fleas?

All animals can get fleas...

Can chickens give fleas to dogs or cats?

If a chicken has fleas, it can give the fleas to cats or dogs. Fleas can easily be transferred from one animal to another.

Is there a breed of cats that do not get fleas?


Do you have fleas?

I do not have fleas, but it is possible for humans to fleas. Usually though fleas stick to dogs and cats etc.

Where do people let Persian cats live?

Persian cats usually are home cats. They are not out door cats.

How do fleas spread to different cats?

when the cats are near each other the fleas jump to the other cat =]

Do bunnies have fleas?

Yes, rabbits, like cats and dogs, can get fleas.

What are safe ways to get fleas off of rabbits?

A flea powder for cats, a flea collar for cats. Why does your rabbit have fleas??

Why do fleas live on the fur of cats and dog?

Because fleas like warm, moist places. Cats & dogs are warm animals, and the fleas feed on their blood.

Where are Persian cats from?

Persian cats come from Persia, modern day, Iran.

Do sand fleas get on cats?

Yes they can

Are cats born with fleas?

Yes, they are.

Can inside cats get fleas?

yes they can!

How do fleas hurt cats?

The fleas like their blood, so they start sucking on them, and therefore cats itch and scratch themselves.

Are there fleas in Alaska?

Yes, there are fleas in Alaska. The fleas can be on house pets such as dogs and cats. Fleas can also be on wild animals such as bears.

Will lime kill fleas on cats?

No, but the lime will drive fleas away from the cat.

Are Persian cats domestic?

Yes, Persian Cats are domestic, which means they are kept as pets.

Why Persian cats are given this name?

the are called persian cats because, the were originated from persia

Is Persian cats related to other cats?

Of course! Persian cats are related to other cats,they are just a specific brand of cat out of the hundred kinds of cats.

What is the tiny insects on cats and dogs?


What Bug in in my cats fur?

might be fleas