Do Pokemon GO to the toilet?

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Yes. But all of their waste is invisible.
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What do you do when you go to the toilet and it hurts?

You forgot to mention if it hurts during urination or defecation. (peeing and pooping) If it's during urination, suspect an infection and go see your doctor if it keeps up more than a couple of days. If it's during defecation, it could be varicose veins around your anus, which are called 'hemmorho ( Full Answer )

Where does poop go when you flush the toilet?

When you flush the toilet, the waste goes either to a septic system if you are in a rural area or a sewage treatment plant if you are in an urban area through pipes in the foundation of the house.

Can underwear go down toilet?

You will probably clog your toilet or pipes if you flush anything but toilet paper. I would not recommend trying to flush underwear down the toilet.

Do Webkinz go to the toilet?

Yes, if you buy a toilet and then make your webkinz sit on it they will go potty.

Where does the toilet water go to after used?

It goes into the sewer line, and is routed to a recycling plant and after being purified again (clean enough to drink, actually) it is used for irrigation of crops and golf courses.

How do you go to the toilet in Antarctica?

You'd have to bring a 'poop' bag, and a bottle to pee in. You arenot allowed to have Number 1's & 2's in the Antarctic, becauseof pollution and it is illegal. Another Answer Research stations offer full toilet facilities, including runningwater. They also include Gerry-rigged 55-gallon drum urine ( Full Answer )

Why does your backache when i want go to the toilet?

Your back will ache when you have to go to the bathroom if you areconstipated or are having issues with your kidneys. If you have akidney stone trying to pass through, you can have frequenturination and pain in your back.

Where does toilet waste from a plane go?

They're 2 ways the plane can dispose of this waste. When overland, it is emptied into a holding tank. However, once the plane is over open waters out of known sea routes, the waste is released out of the plane. This ensures that there wont be any overflowing toilet in the plane.

Do vampires go to the toilet?

They do, as they drink stuff they need, they must get rid of the old stuff so they are new and the vampire stays healthy. _______ If they eat food, then yes. I don't know one that doesn't eat food. . No blood is their source of food, and only blood much like the vampire bat, http://en.wikiped ( Full Answer )

Where did the Romans go to the toilet?

The Romans went to the toilet in a hole. Then they wiped there bitswith a sponge that everyone else used and then they put it invinegar

How do plants go to the toilet?

Plants don't go to the toilet they just release bad nutrience. Plants don't go to the toilet they just release bad nutrience. Plants don't go to the toilet they just release bad nutrience

Why do we have to go to the toilet?

We'd be awfully big and mighty uncomfortable if we had to carry around all the used food we ever had. The body can't convert to energy every last molecule that it consumes. Also, there is waste from dead cells constantly being produced.

Do snakes go to the toilet?

Yes, in a recent television show, a snake 'went to the toilet' all over the floor of the show. It was white, and looked like rice pudding.. so yes.

Do bats go to the toilet?

All living organisms excrete waste, so yes they do.. In fact whilst bat urine is not a problem, bat faeces (bat poo) is. In the UK all bats are a protected species and so if bats are present in a builting (like in the loft of your home) you are nor allowed, by law, to remove them unless this is don ( Full Answer )

Where do homeless people go for the toilet?

Depending on the places they live and what facilities are available, when homeless people are not in shelters or using a charitable facility, they use bathrooms of gas stations, bus stations, public parks that have facilities, get a bite to eat and use the restaurant's rest room, and if all else fai ( Full Answer )

Why do people go to the toilet?

you go to the toilet because its a way to get all of the food inside you. . you need to get rid of the food so you have room for more. . to get rid of the bad things in side you people.

Do toilets go clockwise in Australia?

Yes, all water swirls clockwise in the southern hemisphere and anti clockwise in the northern hemisphere.. Ans 2: . The rotation of draining water is more dependent on the design of the drain than on the rotation of the earth. The coriolis force is too weak to have an appreciable effect. See the ( Full Answer )

Were does the toilet go?

the Tudor toilet just went out the window on to the open sewers not caring if it hit someone

How did knights in armor go to the toilet?

In their armour, unfortunately. Taking it off and putting it on was a very complicated business that needed help from squires and men-at-arms, so they didn't have much choice.

What do you do if you have to go to the toilet while babysitting?

Depends on the ages of the children. If they are small put them in a playpen or crib for that time. If they are older have them stay within talking distance of the door and keep talking to them. If you can, go to a neighbor and have them step in for a second. Now, imagine you are a teacher and have ( Full Answer )

How often a person go to toilet?

people go toilet all the time if your in England when you are off the toilet in another country someone is on it This depends on your own specific bodily functions, howebver i can only assume that 3 times a day would be the average.

Why do you go toilet?

Without you going to the toilet, you will end up getting your cloths wet and the street would be full nasty stuff.

How do astranouts go to the toilet?

They pee into s small device, and the urine ends up in a small container. When they press a button, the urine sprays out into space.

How can you go to the toilet after just going?

Well if you mean you have to use the toilet again then it may be either you drank to much(Needing to urinate) or you have had an unbalanced diet lately(Diarrhea) if niether of those are true i would talk to your doctor.

How did pirates go to the toilet?

Assuming you are referring to pirates of an earlier era, say perhaps in the 17th - 18th centuries, when frilly lace shirts and muskets were all the rage, pirates generally tended to make their waste into buckets or makeshift chamberpots when they were unable to avail themselves of the ocean. These b ( Full Answer )

Do cluster flies go to the toilet?

I think they should, I know I don't want to clean up after them. Also they really need to wash their wings.

Where do cave men go toilet?

On the ground. Maybe behind a bush. Grammar: Where DID CAVEMEN go TO THE toilet?

Should you wipe after you go to the toilet?

Yes, you should always wipe after using the toilet with the exception of a male urinating of course. It's especially important for females to wipe front to back to avoid introducing any fecal matter to the vagina which can cause infections.

How do you get dogs to go to toilet outside?

one way is to take em outside constantly, when they "get busy" outside reward them, and whenever they gonna fo it inside, stop em n immediatly take em outside, other way is to teach em to mark

Why might you be going to the toilet more?

waterworks or solids?? If you're peeing more it could be because you'd drunk more than usual - if this persists and you always feel thirsty you should see a doctor because this can be a sign of diabetees. If you're talking poo it's probably something you've eaten which has upset your stomach.

Does poop go in the toilet?

It is actually a scientific fact that poo is actually healthy for humans to eat. It has a lot of vitamins and minerals in it that have been collected from the insides of our body and if it goes down the toilet it will just be wasted. This can help you live longer and it is for free

How can you go to the toilet without a toilet?

This all depends on where you live. If you live in an apartment you will have to go in a can of some sort. If you live in a residential area you will have to dig a hole in your back yard, put a tarp of some sort over it so have some privacy and go in there. If you live on a farm or on an acreage tha ( Full Answer )

Why do you keep going to toilet?

Because as your body needs fluid as you drink more, you will need to get rid of the spare liquid from the body.

Can bananas stop you going to the toilet?

Bananas do not cause constipation, but cheese can. You can stimulate a bowel movement by eating food that contains fiber, such as wheat bran or beans. Coffee (although it does not contain fiber) also helps.

Why does it hurt when you go to the toilet?

The most common cause is anal fissure, which usually results due to passage of hard stools when you have constipation. It may be associated with some fresh bleeding. High fibre diet, Stool softeners and local anaesthetic cream will help but a proper medical assessment is needed to exclude any other ( Full Answer )

Why won't my Sim go to the toilet?

The toilet could be blocked by something else in the room . Your Sim doesn't need the toilet . Free will might be off, which means that your Sim will not do anything by itself . If the toilet is "custom content", there may be something wrong with it . If the toilet is "custom content", it may be ( Full Answer )

How do you train a rabbit to go to the toilet?

Rabbits can be trained to use a litter box like cats, and you can use the same kind of litter box for both animals but you can't use the same kind of litter material. Cats use clay litters, and sometimes wheat litters, but these are both dangerous for rabbits. Rabbits must use a safe litter material ( Full Answer )

How do you go poo in the toilet?

Take your pants off, sit on the toilet, and sit on it and push till poo comes out, then when you are done, pull your pants back up, flush the toilet and wash your hands.

When do apples go toilet?

Apples go toilet when they need to produce more apple juice for kids or sometimes they just don't go! No wonder apples are so juicy sometimes!!

Do you always have to go toilet?

1. if you don't go to the toilet when you need to you could die so probarly yes but i'm only 99.9% + 0.1% that you need to go toilet. 2. you always go toilet but if you did'nt get to the toilet in time you would die.

Where do bees go to the toilet?

In the winter, they have to do it in the hive because it is toocold to go outside. They then clean everything up when the weathergets warmer. In the summer they do it outside.