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Rihanna used to like Chris Brown when they were dating.

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No, Chris Brown does not like Rihanna anymore.

Chris Brown and Rihanna never had a baby together.

I am so surprised that Rihanna forgave Chris Brown for what he did. I know that I wouldn't of.

rihanna most people like her more than chris brown

dont really know but im sure her and chris brown were together

chris brown has a crash on Rihanna

I don't know but here's my guess: I think he is mad at rihanna after what happened. And rihanna is reallyPARANOID at Chris..... the end. is she having a baby to chris brown

Chris Brown, apples, bananas, and... YOU! Nah, Chris Brown.

Yes it is true that chris brown who is a jerk did beat rihanna for no reason and for your info all the people out there who like chris brown still think about this what if you were in that car with him and he beat you how would you like it???

Chris Brown is over Rihanna. Since they broke up Chris Brown has dated Jasmine Sanders.Yes but that doesn't mean he doesn't like her. Not in love with her but like her. That was the question after all.

no not really after the whole chris brown beat up rihanna thing they have been seen alot with each other ..i think it was stupid for rihanna to go back with a man that hit her that's just being weak..but i still love rihanna she is a good singer ..i still like chris brown but i see him different..any man that hits a woman is a loser period..but i hope i answered your question chris brown and rihanna are still going out they didnt break up!!p.s. love ya Chris Brown

I don't know if she like Rihanna now, but on Larry King she said Rihanna was like family.

Ne-Yo said in an interview that Rihanna has forgave Chris Brown, but I don't think Rihanna has said in a interview that she forgave Chris Brown. Ne-Yo and Rihanna are like brother and sister, so Ne-Yo must be right.

She used to date Chris Brown but he beat her.

No, just Rihanna. Chris and Rihanna might not like each other but behind the scenes they are desperately still in love.

Sorry but no he is in love with Rihanna

because he beat up rihanna

I don't know if Chris Brown's mom like her now, but on Larry King she said Rihanna was like family.

No, Chris Brown is not dead. but hes going to be if he keeps on acting like that hes going to beno the incident was all fake with the rihanna and chris brownChris Brown did not die. But you should DIAF!

No and if she tries to I am going to beat her up because I like Chris Brown so much.

Chris Brown liked every girl he's dated. He was in love with Rihanna until they both got into a fight.

I think chris still dose like her,and i dont think chris brown should be blamed a whole lot and i also think he is really sorry for what he had did. sincerely, nialanni

They like eachother its just that, chris brown beated on rihanna and her and keri hilson hardly ever talks.

they were going out but then one night rihanna and chris went into his car and for some reason (cant remember why soz) rihanna wouldn't give chris his keys so he got really annoyed and bet her up. He was pledged not guilty unfortunately and rihanna got back together with him after all that he had done to her! ALOT of people don't like him as much anymore. hope that helps! ;)

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