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Do WikiAnswers answer all the questions in the world?

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Not all the questions in the world... just the ones posted on this site.

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It has the answers to all of the questions in the world except this one.

Questions posted on WikiAnswers are written by ordinary people all across the world.

They come from all over the world, from people like you.

Wikianswers does not answer your questions. It is people from around the globe on the internet that answer the questions.

WikiAnswers does not necessarily provide answers to all questions submitted. WikiAnswers questions are answered mainly by contributors from the community, so the number of questions answered relies greatly on the users of WikiAnswers, and the amount that they are able and prepared to contribute.

Yes. Contributors are people from all over the world.

because wikianswers is a place where people around the world answer questions and they might not know the answer to the question or it's never been asked before.

Wiki answers most of your questions but not all of them!!

Unfortunately not all questions that are asked are good questions some need to be trashed, that is why there are supervisors. It might be because they might not have enough information to answer or that they just are not appropriate for WikiAnswers.

There are three categories that contain questions about Answers:Questions about Answers.comQuestions about WikiAnswersQuestions about ReferenceAnswers

The question "What is the WikiAnswers Mentoring Program all about?".

unfortunately, all of the questions in the whole world cannot be answered. you can answer them yourself, if you know what the answer is to them, if you become a member of wikianswers. Many questions are also repeats of older answered questions, if you find these you should request a question merge.

There are many Catch-All questions here on WikiAnswers. Since the number of Catch-All questions in ever changing, there is no real count of how many Catch-All that could be valid on the long term. However, it's safe to say that there is over 150 Catch-All questions used or saved on WikiAnswers.

Many people all over the world, including WikiAnswers members, tell you the answers to your questions!

Wikianswers is not an automated service, it is Wikianswers' users that answer the questions. There's absolutely no guarantee a question will be answered fast or even at all.

Yes , you can answer the questions on wikianswers.

Facebook is a Place to talk to friends you know now, And had known in the Past all around the world. WikiAnswers is a Place to Answer and Ask Questions for people around the whole world

No, not all of them, but certainly some of them.

WikiAnswers doesn't 'block' inappropriate questions, but rather stores them so no one can answer an inappropriate question that has already been asked. It is called a 'Catch-All', and it stores all of the inappropriate questions so when a user types in an inappropriate question that has already been asked and merged into that Catch-All, they will get an answer telling them that inappropriate questions are not allowed on WikiAnswers. In a way, WikiAnswers does 'block' inappropriate questions.

Remember, people from all over the world ask questions on WikiAnswers. The person asking the question simply may not know an answer to something that we consider to be obvious.

You can answer all questions. You just have to find out what category they are in, and Answer away!

Click on the "Browse questions" link on the top of the page (in the middle). This allows you to see all the different categories on WikiAnswers, and the questions in each of them.

Not all questions submitted to WikiAnswers are answered. This is because answers on WikiAnswers are given by users on a completely volunteer basis. For information on how to increase your chances of getting your questions answered, check out the related questions below.

Yes, they can; there are no secrets on WikiAnswers. Members can see all of your contributions.

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