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Not all the questions in the world... just the ones posted on this site.

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Q: Do WikiAnswers answer all the questions in the world?
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Related questions

Does WikiAnswers have all the answers in the world?

It has the answers to all of the questions in the world except this one.

Who wrote these questions?

Questions posted on WikiAnswers are written by ordinary people all across the world.

Where do all of the questions in WikiAnswers come from?

They come from all over the world, from people like you.

How does WikiAnswers know all of the answers to these questions?

Wikianswers does not answer your questions. It is people from around the globe on the internet that answer the questions.

Do real people answer the questions on WikiAnswers?

Yes. Contributors are people from all over the world.

Does WikiAnswers answer all of your questions?

WikiAnswers does not necessarily provide answers to all questions submitted. WikiAnswers questions are answered mainly by contributors from the community, so the number of questions answered relies greatly on the users of WikiAnswers, and the amount that they are able and prepared to contribute.

Why won't WikiAnswers answer all people's questions?

because wikianswers is a place where people around the world answer questions and they might not know the answer to the question or it's never been asked before.

Can WikiAnswers answer any of your questions?

Wiki answers most of your questions but not all of them!!

Are all questions on WikiAnswers good questions?

Unfortunately not all questions that are asked are good questions some need to be trashed, that is why there are supervisors. It might be because they might not have enough information to answer or that they just are not appropriate for WikiAnswers.

What are some questions in WikiAnswers that are closed to changes?

The question "What is the WikiAnswers Mentoring Program all about?".

Who are you telling me answers?

Many people all over the world, including WikiAnswers members, tell you the answers to your questions!

Are all questions asked on WikiAnswers from humans?


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