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Yes, they very often do! Although abusers usually have great difficulty acknkowledging that they are abusers, they seem have some inkling at some level of their unpleasantness. They fear that their violent tendencies will soon come crashing out into the open, and they want to get their partner (or rather victim) 'hooked' before she or he discovers what they're really like. Abusers are nearly always emotional parasites, and they want to close in on their prey at the double. More generally, rushing and accelerating courtship, reducing the period of engagement, trying to get the marriage 'sewn up' in extra quick time should serve as a warning that something isn't quite right. (It may not always be that the impatient party is abusive). The point is really very simple. There is no such thing as love without trust; and if a couple trust one another, then they can surely wait for the agreed time, unless there are very sound reasons for marrying earlier, for example, if a soldier is suddenly informed that he will be sent into battle soon.

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Q: Do abusers often rush the early stage of courtship to serious relationship?
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