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Do adult children of narcissists usually contact their abusive parents after being abandoned?

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2015-07-15 21:23:02
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Children from Narcissistic families are no different than any other children who have been abandoned. As the child grows up and is old enough to trace their parents some do, while others are angry or quite comfortable where they are. However, if possible it is a good idea to locate your biological parents if for any other purpose, but to get a medical history from them so you can use this info in your future. Depending on the circumstances and if you know where your parents are and if you know your family doctor that also treats your parents you may beable to get a court order and get their medical history this way.

Please don't blame yourself for being abandoned. Many parents or even one parents will live a life of remembering what they have done. As we grow older we are left with only memories and some come back to haunt you.

Good luck Marcy

I only WISH my mother had abandoned me. However, she needs to have me in her life to further validate her reason for being. By having me, but not where she wants me, she can mesmerize her audience with tales of what a wonderful, giving mother she was, and just look -- look! -- how she's being treated.

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No contact is one of the most hurtful narcissistic injuries one could inflict.

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Sometimes yes. Sometimes they come back - do NOT take them back! No Contact!!

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Contact a local abuse shelter. They are there to help you and can lead you into a new direction in life.

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Contact your local form of child protective services and report what you know to them. If it is more of an emergency, or you cannot find such a number, contact your local police and let them know your concern.

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