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Do adult children of narcissists usually contact their abusive parents after being abandoned?

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Children from Narcissistic families are no different than any other children who have been abandoned. As the child grows up and is old enough to trace their parents some do, while others are angry or quite comfortable where they are. However, if possible it is a good idea to locate your biological parents if for any other purpose, but to get a medical history from them so you can use this info in your future. Depending on the circumstances and if you know where your parents are and if you know your family doctor that also treats your parents you may beable to get a court order and get their medical history this way.

Please don't blame yourself for being abandoned. Many parents or even one parents will live a life of remembering what they have done. As we grow older we are left with only memories and some come back to haunt you.

Good luck Marcy

I only WISH my mother had abandoned me. However, she needs to have me in her life to further validate her reason for being. By having me, but not where she wants me, she can mesmerize her audience with tales of what a wonderful, giving mother she was, and just look -- look! -- how she's being treated.

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Does no contact work with narcissists?

No contact is one of the most hurtful narcissistic injuries one could inflict.

Do narcissists forget you after they dump you?

Sometimes yes. Sometimes they come back - do NOT take them back! No Contact!!

What can you do if you work but have credit issues and evictions on your record and need to take you or your children out of an abusive relationship?

Contact a local abuse shelter. They are there to help you and can lead you into a new direction in life.

What is the best way to remove children from an abusive home?

Contact your local form of child protective services and report what you know to them. If it is more of an emergency, or you cannot find such a number, contact your local police and let them know your concern.

How do you stop contact between my abusive ex and our child?

Get a restraining order.

Would you stay with an emotionally and verbally abusive wife of 10 years for the sake of being able to remain with your children?

i would stay with her for only 5 years and see my children (if i have any i am not old enough yet) in a contact centre

If your ex boyfriend filed a restraining order against you but there is no visitation schedule do you have to allow him to see his children since there is no contact ordered?

Unfortunately, no. But, why do you have the children? The order should have included custody and protection of the children. Mothers who are abusive toward the father of their children account for 55% of all fatal child abuse.

Do narcissists plead with you to stay when you leave them?

Some do. They don't want to loose their "blood supply." LEAVE ANYWAY and no contact!!

How can you get a title that was abandoned on your property in Oklahoma?

Yes, it is possible. You need to contact your local Police Department. The car may have been stolen and abandoned on your property.

How do you keep an abusive father away from children?

away from his children? get a restraining order, and physically remove the children from his location. to keep an abusive father away from all children he would need to be in prison, probably. children are everywhere.I think that if you get a PFA that can help but do not let him violate it even if he just asked hows the kids doing. Do not answer him an call to report any contact that he tries to have with you, that way he gets the point that you are very serious about the situation. I am going through the proses right now. your not alone, there is more women out there that are abused then are even reported. It took me going on three years.

What percent of children contact their grandparents on the phone?

39% of children contact their grandparents on the phone.

Your ex husband will not allow your children to contact you and you can not contact them your divorce papers states you have unlimited contact with your children?

Sue him or take him to court

How would you use the word abandoned in a sentence?

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What is the percentage of the number of animals abandoned or abused?

Contact the Humane Society of the United States at

Can you obtain an abandoned vehicle that is on public property?

Through the proper channels. Taking this vehicle is stealing. Contact the proper authorities for information on purchasing an abandoned vehicle.

Can an aunt get parental rights if the parents have abandoned the child in Minnesota?

No, however she may be able to petition for Guradianship of the abandoned child(ren). The best thing to do is contact a Family Law Attorney.

When is it appropriate to intervene on an abusive man and his wife?

It would be very dangerous to intervene on an abusive man and his wife. A better solution would be to contact the police or to offer to help the wife get away from the abusive man. Domestic violence is a widespread problem in our country, and there are people able and willing to help.

What if your father asks you to perform sexual acts?

Refuse and contact the authorities or a trusted adult to help you get out of this abusive situation.

Can you remove someones personal property left at your apartment?

The laws for how to handle and/or dispose of so-called "abandoned property" vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Contact your local authories and ask what you have to do to consider it "abandoned."

How do you you file for a title on an abandoned vehicle in Alabama?

Contact Jason Steward Enterprises, they are located in Mobile and Birmingham Areas. They prepare and process abandoned vehicle paperwork in Alabama. Here's their website:

Can you get a restraining order against your abusive father when im15 years old?

yes you can. go to court or try to contact DSS

The narcissit left you and humiliated you inthe process?

NPD is a serious mental disorder, and like other people with disorders, narcissists can be unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. We suggest keeping any necessary contact extremely low-key, and avoiding them if possible. Some narcissists have other mental disorders, and some are physically dangerous when thwarted. Just get on with your life, and stay away from the ex. It's safer. You will gain nothing by contact, and it could cost you. Narcissists' egos do not bruise easily, so attempting to make them jealous is not likely to have much effect, and could create problems. On the other hand, with narcissists, out of sight is often out of mind. If you are inaccessible, they are likely to find another mirror and ruin their life instead.

What steps should you take to press charges on a abusive step father?

If the abuse is physical, contact the local police when it occurs. If the abuse is not physical then contact the local child services department.

How long does a boat have to be abandoned for until i can take it?

Depends on the laws in your state. Contact your state Attorney Generals office.

Can a father who has no contact since birth pays no support and not on birth certificate he is abusive has been arrested 28 times for domestic violence and drugs get rights to visit their children?

In a situation such as this, the custodial parent should oppose visitation or, if that fails, ask for supervised visitation.