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Contact a local abuse shelter. They are there to help you and can lead you into a new direction in life.

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Q: What can you do if you work but have credit issues and evictions on your record and need to take you or your children out of an abusive relationship?
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You have 2 evictions on your file they were dismissed how do you get them off of your file?

First, How long has it been since you were serve with the evictions? It is the same as having bad credit issues. It ios reportable to your credit file. You have to wait for at least seven years before they can be cleared. In the mean time, send copiesof the letters that proved they were dismissed and challenge them with the Credit Bureaus. Worst thing is it will be with you for 7 years. i hope this was helpful.

Does bankruptcy erase evictions on your credit?

No. Bankruptcy doesn't erase anything from your credit. In fact, it adds a very, very, bad thing to it.

Do evictions hurt obtaining loans?

Evictions are not placed on credit reports. However, if expenses related to an eviction are sent for collections, that will be reported. Also there are tenant screening lists where an eviction can be reported and might create a problem in obtaining future housing.

Is it hard to be accepted for an apartment?

You have to have the income 2.5/3x rent traditional, no evictions, and decent credit, without those things it is

Is there a statute of limitations for evictions to be on your credit?

Statute of limitations apply to bringing law suits for civil or criminal charges. Reporting of debts on a credit statement is normally limited to 7 years.

What rental information can a landlord check?

Generally, a landlord can check your credit file to look for evictions, which are recorded and reported to credit agencies. They also looked for people who don't pay their utilities.

How soon will an eviction show on your credit report?

It should not take too long. Less than a year. * Evictions are not entered onto credit reports unless they are perfected into judgments resulting from a civil suit.

Will an eviction still show up on your credit report after a bankruptcy?

Why not? All debts are discharged, but any other actions, such as evictions, are not affected. And the fact of being discharged in bankruptcy can stay on your credit report for 10 years.

If you have an eviction from 3 years ago how long does it stay on your credit?

Evictions do not appear on credit reports unless the person is sued and a judgment is entered against them. Judgments remain on a credit report for 7 eyars. Many judgments are renewable and can therefore remain indefinitely.

How do you get an eviction on your record cleared off?

Assuming this is in reference to a credit report, entries cannot be arbitrarily removed. Negative entries will remain on the report for the required amount of time, for evictions (assuming it has gone to collection) it will remain seven years. The eviction itself is not placed on a credit report only the collecton action. However, evictions are often placed on tenant screening reports which may create problems in the future.

How do you put an eviction against someones credit?

When an eviction judgment is placed against a person by the judge it is picked up by credit bureaus. Judgments for evictions are the same as those of lawsuits. There may or may not be any money involved.

How long does it take for an eviction to roll off your credit or rental history?

7 to 10 years...sooner if you pay any money owed. Evictions are not entered on credit reports unless the landlord wins a judgment in a lawsuit, then the judgment will be entered in the public records section of the person's CR. There are agencies that list evictions and other renter information, the time limit for an eviction to stay on one of these lists is generally five years.

How can you find out if you are blacklisted?

You can pull a credit report and/or a background check to see what your rental history is and if an evictions are recorded. Then, you can seek out owners who may be willing to rent to you with a higher deposit.

How can you get a copy of your rental history?

There is no real repository for rental histories. If you have a history of evictions they may show up on your credit report when you apply for tenancy and the apartment complex or landlord checks it.

Does bankruptcy take care of evictions?

Bankruptcy will not take an eviction off of the credit report. Any money that is owed to a previous landlord can be put in the bankruptcy filing and paid through that

How long does it take for an eviction to appear on your credit report?

There is no way to determine if, or when, the matter would become a part of the tenant/debtor's credit report. Evictions do not appear on credit reports unless the landlord sues the tenant and is awarded a judgment for monies owed. In such a case the judgment is entered in the public records portion of the person's CR.

If you co-sign for an apartment and the tenant is evicted does the eviction show up on your credit report?

Possibly. Co-signing makes you 100% liable for the contract (or, in this case, lease). If the apartment complex reports to the bureaus, then, yes, they will report this obligation against the co-signer as well as the primary obligator. No, evictions are not a part of a credit report, unless a lawsuit is filed, won, and a judgment award is granted for collection of monies owed. There are however, agencies that supply reports pertaining to evictions, to enable landlords and rental agencies to screen applicants.

Your abusive ex-boyfriend forced you into charging 15000 on your credit cards - is there anything that you can do about this?

You can sue him. But if you dont want to....then i dont know.

What does it mean when you dream that your in abusive relationship?

This dream strongly suggests that you feel abused in some area of your life. your own mind produced this important dream to make you recognize that something is seriously wrong in some area of your life. The issue may have nothing to do with a relationship; you may feel trapped in a job where your time and skills are not appreciated, or someone else might be taking credit for your work. You could be in a church (or other religious institution) that is abusive, condemning normal human behavior or physical traits, or that forces one gender into inferior positions. You could be in an abusive "friendship," where one person's wants and/or needs are subjected to the whims of another. Whatever your specific situation might be, you would be wise to consider this dream very carefully.

Why can't children apply the credit card?

Children cannot legally enter into a contract. Children also would probably understand the whole concept of building credit.

Does your bad credit rating affect your children if they live at the same address?

no it does not affect your children's credit rating. credit score is based on how an individual uses credit, not on how other people uses credit. what possibly may happen is children may learn thier parent's bad credit habits. if a consumer needs a co-signer (parent) then if the parent has a bad credit rating that will affect the loan

How do you find an apartment that accepts evicitions?

To find an apartment that accepts evictions, first make sure to get a clear credit report. To do so, pay the landlord all the money that was owed. If the reason for eviction is non-financial, correct the situation.

What is the relationship between credit and debt?

Money and credit is an emotional part of life and just like a relationship it can cause us problems but with debt or spending we need to recognize there is also a problem

What is the relationship between credit and loans?

Yes, your credit score does affect the loans you are able to receive. The better your credit score, the better of an interest rate you will get.

Do evictions stay on your credit report forever or do they eventually come off like charge offs?

Evictions are not typically shown on credit reports with Equifax, Experian and Transunion. If you were evicted, and the account was turned over to a collection agency; that collection account would show on your credit bureau report for 7 years from its' date of last activity (possibly longer). If a judgment was granted against you, that item would show for 7 years from the date the judgment was filed. It is possible to have both a "trade line" listing of the collection account and a judgment listed in the public records portion of your credit report. These entries would have different statute of limitations. Once a legal action has been granted against you, that item continues in public records in the jurisdiction it was filed in. The statute of limitations for it reporting on your credit report applies only to the length of time it is shown on your credit, not its existence. There are other databases which are often accessed by rental agencies and potential landlords. Called "tenant screening agencies", these companies maintain different files on renters and may have records of evictions. You would have to search applicable state law to find out what the statute of limitations is on information appearing in that database. They are not covered under the regulations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. I currently have an eviction I'm about to start paying on (it's 4 years old) and it's on my Transunion credit report (however does not show up on my Equifax) and is shown as a Public Record/Judgement. Be careful, it can show.