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look between radiator and grill for heater plug. if it has one and has never been used it will be folded up and hidden ther . 1998 model is usuall on the right side if you don't have a heater, at 5 degrees you pretty much are not going to get it started without using a lot of ether ether is not recommended as it trashes o rings in the fuel system a tip for you the engine has an oil cooler on dribers side to see this u need to get underneath truck if it has a block heater, this will be in the side of the oil cooler at the rear or oil cooler it will have a wire harness from it running along chassis rail to front of truck follow that harness to finf pug. if it doesnt have heater, they are available at any Ford dealer the heater costs 45 bucks and the harness sold separate will cost about 78 bucks very easy to install they just screw in and then run the harness to the front of the truck

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Is gas and diesel the same?

no diesel is used in trucks. like buses or truck driving trucks

Any Diesel Trucks For Sale?

You can find used Diesel trucks for sale at Also try and

What cars are diesel?

The type of vehicles that have a diesel engine are pickup trucks, vans, semi trucks, box trucks, some smaller cars such as sedans and also some suvs have diesel engines in them. The GMC sierra has an duramax diesel in it.

Why are diesel trucks better than gasoline trucks?

Diesel trucks are generally better than gasoline trucks due to the fact that fuel is cheaper and you will pay significantly less at the pump. Diesel trucks also tend to have a high longevity in their life span and they run much cleaner than gasoline trucks. Diesel is the way to go overall for purchasing a truck.

Where can one purchase Dodge diesel trucks?

Dodge diesel trucks are available anywhere Dodge trucks are sold, via authorized dealerships. Online sites made up of Dodge enthusiasts, such as Ram Trucks, offer sale of used Dodge Diesel Trucks as well.

What percent of trucks are diesel?

80% of all trucks are desil

What is a diesel mechanic?

a diesel mechanic is just like any other automotive mechanic, except they fix trucks and other vehicles that have diesel engines.A diesel mechanic is a mechanic that specializes on fixing or building diesel engines for such vehicles as tractors, semi-trucks, or pick-up trucks that have diesel engines.

What vehicles use duramax diesel?

Large trucks tend to use Duramax diesel. Some manufacturers that produce diesel trucks are Chevy, Ford, and Dodge.

What type of fuel does a truck use?

There are diesel, gasoline, propane, and natural gas powered trucks.There are diesel, gasoline, propane, and natural gas powered trucks.

Do all trucks have diesel engines?


Are all HD trucks diesel?


What machinary uses diesel?

Things like semi-trucks and some trucks and every day vehicles use diesel fuel.

How reliable are Chevy diesel trucks?

Chevy diesel trucks are very reliable, especially the models before 2003. You can purchase these trucks from auction websites such as eBay and classifieds such as Craigslist.

What are some popular brands of diesel trucks?

Their are many different manufacturers that make diesel trucks.GMC,Chevy and Ford are just a few examples of diesel brand trucks manufactufacturers.

What is a good brand to buy diesel trucks from?

Diesel trucks are sold from numerous companies, but the best company that you can purchase a diesel truck from would probably have to be Ford, due to their price.

What are some good diesel trucks for sale?

There are many good brands of diesel trucks to choose from. Ford Motor Company sells the F-150 in a diesel version, also Dodge has a Ram that comes in diesel.

Why do people leave diesel trucks running?

People leave their diesel trucks running because they think it is better. It is a truck with no spark plugs.

Do diesel trucks get better gas mileage than regular gas trucks?

Yes, diesel trucks generally get much better gas mileage than regular gas trucks. They even sometimes get better gas mileage than hybrid trucks.

diesel trucks in good condition for sale?

You can look for a diesel truck by checking your local yellow pages. Or you can go to to find some great deals locally on diesel trucks

Do diesel trucks need catalytic converters?

No they do not.

Are all ford f250 trucks diesel?


What are the release dates for Trucks - 1999 Diesel Power Upgrades?

Trucks - 1999 Diesel Power Upgrades was released on: USA: September 2013

What fuel do dump trucks use?

Most larger trucks burn diesel fuel.

What types of vehicles do you work on in a diesel mechanics school?

Most diesel mechanics work primarily on larger trucks such as tractor trailers, dump trucks, buses, and larger delivery trucks, along with construction equipment and generators. Diesel cars and pick up trucks will come up, but not as much as the aforementioned vehicles and engines.

Are diesel pickup trucks better than hybrid trucks?

the advantage diesel pickup trucks have is that they have been around for a while, the technology has been proven, and they are cheaper. The disadvantage is the gas mileage. Compare and decide for yourself.