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Do all 1998 ford 350 14 foot diesel box trucks have a heater plug if not how do you start them when the tempersure is 5 degree?

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2011-09-12 21:55:25

look between radiator and grill for heater plug. if it has one

and has never been used it will be folded up and hidden ther . 1998

model is usuall on the right side if you don't have a heater, at 5

degrees you pretty much are not going to get it started without

using a lot of ether ether is not recommended as it trashes o rings

in the fuel system a tip for you the engine has an oil cooler on

dribers side to see this u need to get underneath truck if it has a

block heater, this will be in the side of the oil cooler at the

rear or oil cooler it will have a wire harness from it running

along chassis rail to front of truck follow that harness to finf

pug. if it doesnt have heater, they are available at any ford

dealer the heater costs 45 bucks and the harness sold separate will

cost about 78 bucks very easy to install they just screw in and

then run the harness to the front of the truck

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