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Do all cats have tails?

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No not all cats. one breed, a manx, does not have a tail.

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Do cats have talls?

all cats have tails, only if they are born without one. bobcats have tails but they arent long

Did cats always had tails?

yes but all cats dont have tails or it got cut off

Do all calico cats have broken tails?


How cats got their tails?

Cats got their tails...well legend has it that cats get their tails by having "sex" with a rabbit. Their tails also help in balance :)

Why do jaguars have tails?

all cats have tails to balance themselves, a bit like holding out your arms to balance

Do Jaguar have tails?

all cats have tails to balance themselves, a bit like holding out your arms to balance

Manx cat differences from all other cats?

Manx cats are born without tails.

Why are cats tails and kangaroos tails different?

the cats tail is shorter then a kangaroo's tail

Why do cats lick their tails?

Because cats don't like water they lick there tails to clean them.

Why do cats wag their tails-?

cats wag their tails to signal agitation and, at times, the threat of aggression.

Why do cats tails wag?

Cats wag their tails because they are angry. Unlike dogs they wag them when mad but dogs wag their tails when they are happy.

If there are 4 cats in a room all sitting in a corner of a room with 3 cats behind them and 3 tails behind them how many cats are there?


Do cats cats tails move voluntarily?


What wild cat does not have a tail?

All wild cats have tails but the bobcat and the lynx have very short (bobbed) tails.

What do cats have that you don't have?


Why do cats need tails?

cats need tails so that they can keep their balance otherwise they would simply collapse

Why do cats poof out there tails when hey play?

Cats poof out there tails because the are scared and there trying to look big

What is a cats tails connector?

ONINE (Cat o' Nine Tails)

How much tails do cats have?

Cats have one tail only!!!

Do cats have bones in their tales?

Yes cats do have bones in their tails.

Why don't cats like their tails touched?

If a cat is well socialized, he/she will allow you to stroke their tail. We have six cats in total, and all will allow us to stroke their tails as a continuation of stroking their backs. As they walk past us we are also able to stroke their tails.

Why do cats bite their tails?

Cats bite their tails because they have an itch, don't no what it is, playing, or probably just trying to get noticed.

Cats without tails?

Manx cats found on the Isle of Man in the UK do not have normal cat tails--more of a stub.

Why do cats have long tails?

Well, one of the reason cats have long tails is because of balance. When cats climb up things, and then when they jump down, they use their tails to make sure they land on all four paws. It is really useful to know and it is also quite amazing how cats' bodies are different than ours. --Plus-- Consider, "Why should a cat not have a long tail."

Is correct grammar I pulled two cats tail's?

No, the possessive (with the apostrophe) is used with "cats", since they possess the tails. The sentence should be, "I pulled two cats' tails."