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No, not every site uses them. Most personal sites don't use them, though any ads inserted onto the page by the web provider or the webmaster will use them. If your internet browser allows all cookies, then all the websites can use cookies. Many cookies are just stored on your PC so that you don't have to log back into sites or view introductory information the next time you visit that website. But if you block cookies from your Internet browser, there are some websites like Yahoo Mail that won't work without cookies.

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Q: Do all websites use cookies
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Which default privacy setting do you use if you do not want websites to access the cookies saved on your computer?

Block all cookies

How do website use cookies?

Websites use cookies to record a specific computer's visit to the site. Cookies keep track of the pages visited on the site and the number of page hits. Websites use this information to improve business models.

Where can one find information on how to delete cookies from a computer?

Information about deleting cookies on a computer can be found online at a number of computer websites. These websites, such as About Cookies or All About Cookies, specialize in the subject.

Why do certain websites use tracking cookies?

TTHey eat the d@m cookies

Websites use cookies?

Website Cookies are information used for particular computer users or IPs.

How can you find out what websites someone has gone to by using their email address?

its in the archives and you can also use the cookies. its in the archives and you can also use the cookies.

What websites have recipes for cookies?

The websites that have recipes for cookies are StumbleUpon and Pinterest. Pinterest is the best website for this because there are a lot of recipes for cookies.

How to turn off browser cookies?

You can turn off cookies in the settings of the browser. Cookies generally help in faster access of websites.

A Delete all cookies B Keep cookies C keep the cookies of websites you usually visit and remove the cookies which is related to sensitive information Please tell me which one will you chose?

Option C - keep the cookies of web-sites you visit regularly.

Can you use all purpose four to make chocolate chip cookies?

Yes, all-purpose flour is fine to use in chocolate chip cookies.

Why do you use cookies in computer system?

Cookies are placed on a computer usually via websites and are sometimes useful as they remember your preferences for certain things. For example, if you were to go to a website and select certain preferences then the website might use a cookie to remember what those preferences were. In this way, it is convenient for the user because he or she would not have to repeatedly select those preferences every time he or she visited the site. Cookies can be problematic, however, because some websites will place cookies on a computer in order to get information about what that user is doing or what websites he or she is visiting. When cookies are used this way, it is usually perceived as negative because the cookies are being used to do something one might compare to "spying."

Do certain websites view your searches?

Yes, some web sites use 'cookies' to track user activities.

Are cookies and Trojan horses examples of malicious codes?

Cookies are not always malicious, they are used on most websites to optimize your experience, yet its best you use it on trusted websites. Trojan horses are viruses, do not ever open them, as they will leak info and attack your computer.

Where online can one find cookie recipes?

There are many websites online that offer good cookie recipes. You can try looking at Girl Scout Cookies, All About Cookies, Cookie Mania and All Recipes for some good ideas.

Where can one find recipes for homemade chocolate chip cookies?

One can find recipes for homemade chocolate chip cookies online on websites such as All Recipes, Betty Crocker and other cooking related websites. You can also find baking books in stores such as Indigo or Chapters.

How do the tracking cookies come to a PC?

Cookies come from Websites that you visit, across the Internet, and into your PC.

Why websites use cookies?

Cookies are used to store data that will be used between pages, such as your session information (to make sure you're logged in) or the items in your shopping cart. Without cookies, no website would be able to use personalized information, such as web-based email, shopping sites, or even your bank account site.

What happens when you visit websites where cookies are enabled?

When you visit a website, the browser maintains cookies. These cookies help in faster loading of the web pages.

Where can one find a recipe for easy Christmas cookies?

There are many different recipes for easy Christmas cookies. You can find some good examples on websites such as Real Simple, Food Network and All Recipes.

Should you worry tracking cookies?

Cookies are "tracks" placed on your computer by different website. Most are harmless and help keep your computer's information on file so you can access their websites easier. However, there are cookies that do more than that - they collect browsing info and other data. A good security software can detect those and stop them. If cookies bother you, you can always delete them with no harm to your computer. Just be aware that websites you browse will place a cookie on your computer when you visit, even after you deleted all the cookies.

Which websites have recipes for oatmeal cookies?

A number of websites carry recipes for oatmeal cookies. Some sites that have such recipes are 'allrecipes', 'Simply Recipes', 'Martha Stewart' and 'Hershey's Kitchens'.

I have adult site cookies from sites I didn't visit on computer How do you find out where they came from?

Sometimes people can attach these cookies to other cookies that get downloaded to your computer everytime you go on certain websites but if you do not want these cookies on your computer use the following program to delete all of your cookies. open a blank notepad and type the following (without the extra space that is automaticly put in by wiki.): @ECHO OFF ECHO. ECHO This is a batch file ECHO. PAUSE CLS EXIT Then save the file as cookiekill.bat to all files Exit the note pad then find the program and open it and it should delete all of your cookies. If you have any questions e-mail me at or

What is mean by cookies in internet explorer 7.0?

"Cookies" are small bits of code stored on your computer which lets web pages you visited remember who you are, for conveniences such as automatic logins or default customized home pages. Some web pages require you to have cookies enabled. However, malicious websites may use cookies to invade your privacy, so it is best to only allow first-party cookies (use one of the higher security settings) in Internet Options.

How would I make ghost shaped halloween cookies?

There are many websites and stores that sell ghost shaped cookie cutters. I would use sugar cookie mix to make the cookies since they are the easiest to shape and frost.

Are ads based on Internet history?

Some websites may ask to use your 'cookies' in which case, yes the ads will be based on your Internet history