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Q: Do any ecard sites let you have a card sent in the future?
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How i send an ecard i selected in a site to my friend's gmail account?

You can send the Ecard via attachment. An attachment is any file that is sent with the email. The card could be attached and then sent to the mail.

How do you send an ecard by Gmail?

Ecards can be sent via attachments or part of the mail. Electronic cards are great for inviting for some event. They can be placed as a part of the mail as a picture.

What is the future tense of sent?

sent is the past form of send so its future form will be will send or shall send

Where was first Christmas card received and sent?

who received the first christmas card sent by henry cole

Is the website a gimmick to get people to sign up and receive spam?

They sent me an ecard pretending to be a girl that had a crush on me and wanted me to sign up. I'd stay clear of this site.

How do you make a simple computer out of paper to look like a card?

It is not possible to make a computer simple or otherwise out of paper. However it is possible to make a simple greeting out of paper that looks like a real card. It can also be sent as a ecard too. For more info send enquiry to

If you pay with a debit card will a bill be sent to you?

yes a bill will be sent to you

Can I say Mr smith sent you a card or i MUST say Mr smith has sent you a card?

either one would be correct.

If equiped card is sent to the deck does it still take effect?

If an Equip Spell Card is sent back to the Deck, it is no longer equipped to a monster, and therefore, the monster does not gain the benefits. If a monster equipped with an Equip Spell Card is sent back to the Deck, the Equip Spell Card is destroyed.

The passive infinitive and imperatives of mitto mittere misi missus with translation?

The passive infinitives arepresent: mitti "to be sent"perfect: missum (fem: missam) esse "to have been sent"future: missum (fem: missam) iri "to be about to be sent"future perfect: missum (fem: missam) fore"to be about to have been sent"The passive imperatives arepresent second-person singular: mittere "be sent" (one person)present second-person plural: mittimini "be sent" (more than one person)future second-person singular: mittitor "you shall be sent" (one person)future third-person singular: mittitor "he/she/it shall be sent"future third-person plural: mittuntor "they shall be sent"

What is a broadcast sent to many sites in a network?


CAn you discard card from field?

A 'discard' is a type of send, and the card is sent from your hand.

How do you know if your ebt card has been sent out?

has my ebt card been mailed out

How you know billing address line of your visa card?

The billing address of your Visa credit card is the address that your visa credit card statement is sent to. Most banks issuing Visa credit cards have online sites available to their users. Registering online should reveal your billing address.

What is the different between sent and send?

Sent is past tense, whereas Send is future tense.

When was the first Christmas card sent?


What does a red card in football mean?

A red card is shown to a player to indicate they are being sent-off. A sent-off player may not be substituted for.

How do I know my friend received his card?

If you had sent a card to be sent to your friend, he would reply back/talk about it on the next time you meet. Either that, or find something else where you can contact your friend. If you ordered your card to be sent there, and it actually did not, you can complain to whatever site you used to mail it.

What color card is used in soccer when player sent off the field?

Red card

Difference between send and sent?

send is present tense, will send is future sent is past tense

Can i be sent off if i haven't been shown a red card in football?

Yes you can be sent off

How do you find out who sent you moon-pig card?

The Moon-pig card is a personalized greeting card. You can find out who sent it to you by checking the return address.

What is eject in soccer?

be sent off......(red card)

Which country sent the first Christmas Card?


When was the first Easter card sent?

check your anser