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Do any sperm enter the pelvic cavity?


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Yes. The sperm can enter through the Peritoneal Cavity.

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Well this would depend upon whether or not the female was involved in sexual activities or not. If she was and the male ejaculate in/on her, then yes it is possible. If she was not involved in sexual activities then it is not likely that there would be sperm in her pelvic cavity.

Yes, it can. The reason is that the fimbriae (fingers) are not completely around the ovary. It is possible for sperm to come through them and into the pelvic cavity. If the egg is not "caught" by the fimbriae and carried down the tube, it can be fertilized in the pelvic cavity. An ectopic pregnancy can occur as a result. The embryo can not be nourished properly in that environment.

The ejaculate does not go into the pelvis from the vagina.

No a woman can not get pregnant from swallowing sperm. sperm needs to enter the vagina to get to the fallopian tubes it is the only way. Any sperm that is swallowed is simply digested along with what you had for diner.

A girl cannot get pregnant at any time by ingesting sperm. The only way to get pregnant is for sperm to enter her vagina. Entering her mouth does not do it.

The rooster and hen copulate like any other mammal. The rooster gets on her back and injects sperm into her vent.

It doesn't have to enter at all, just the sperm. If there is any entrance, there is a chance of pregnancy, depth is not a preventative.

Pelvic examinations are safe procedures, thus no precautions are necessary.

You will not get pregnant from semen coming into contact with your bellybutton.

Arteries don't drain the pelvic organs, any other organs, or any tissue in the body. Veins drain.

A Cavity is any hollow place. so in a tooth a cavity is a hollow place caused by disease, in your chest your heart & lungs fill in your chest cavity.

There is zero chance. The oral cavity and reproductive organs are not connected. Even the anal sex does not lead to the pregnancy. Sperms will be digested in the stomach.

You sperm by masturbating by masturbating will release sperm. But if your not in puberty yet you can't produce any sperm.

The thyroid is not located in any body cavity, it is in the anterior aspect of the neck.

The rectum is where faeces (poop) comes out, it isn't IN any body cavity.

The size of the pelvic bone is any species will depend on its overall size. With that in mind, there will be some animals with smaller and others with larger pelvic bones than humans.

Ingestion takes place in the mouth cavity.Fats are unlikely to undergo any chemical reactions in the mouth cavity.

As long as the sperm connects with the vagina, it's possible she can become pregnant.

Pre-cum has sperm in it. Any contact with the vagina can result in pregnancy. Use protection!

Tea of any kind does not harm sperm in any way. In fact, many teas promote the healthy production of sperm.

A lady (and any other woman) doesn't have any sperm. Sperm are one of the characteristics that distinguish males from females.

Cows do not produce sperm. Nor is any sort of bovine sperm included in icing.

If your Maltese (or any dog for that matter) has a cavity (or you think he/she has a cavity), take it to the vet! They will definitely have a solution! :)

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