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Yes, though for most asteroids the gravity is very weak.


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The Asteroids are affected by gravity from the human's bum when it lets are it can get really stinky.

Yes. Asteroids have some gravity, but it is very weak because of their low mass in comparison to an actual planet.

No. Asteroids do not have strong enough gravity to hold an atmosphere in place.

No. Asteroids are very small and do not have strong enough gravity to hold and atmosphere.

the gravity stops them from floating away

Asteroids hit earth because when asteroids are floating because of the gravity when it goes out of gravity it floats to earth and hits earth.And please be helpful and click if it was helpful or not and then flag it if there was something wrong and thank you.

of course it does, its gravity is keeping all of the planets, asteroids and comets orbeting

The gravity of the sun brings it to earth by it's gravity and it sometimes misses.

The strength of gravity on small asteroids is less than the strength of the rock.

Asteroids are too small to have enough gravity to prevent any atmosphere form escaping.

By definition, asteroids tend to small objects, Being small they have little or no attraction to or from other asteroids. Gravity only comes into play for much larger objects.

Earth is much more massive than asteroids and comets, and thefore has much stronger gravity, which pulls it into a spherical shape. Most asteroids and comets do not have strong enough gravity to do this.

The reason asteroids shoot is because gravity pulls them away from the belt. A other reason that asteroids shoot is because smaller asteroids hit them and send them rorring through the air.

no because they are to small and also they are low in gravity

they have to have water and gravity so pepoles no

Every solid mass has gravity but it takes a really big object like a planet to have a noticable amount. Most asteroids are very small but they do have gravity and can affect any objects that come too close.

Yes, they orbit the sun, a nice balance of centrifugal force and gravity. If they did not move, relative to the sun, the sun's gravity would pull the asteroids into

Yes, it is commonly thought the moons originated as asteroids, pulled from the belt by gravity.

Asteroids revolve about the sun in elliptical orbits, just like the planets do, and for the same reasons (gravity and momentum).

Asteroids have very little gravity, no atmosphere, and no protection from solar radiation. So they cannot support life.

Gravity causes them to hit the Earth.

No. They do not have enough gravity to hold on to the gasses.

Gravity. It pulls the various parts of the object toward the center. Gravity increases with mass. Extremely massive objects, like planets and the larger asteroids, have enough gravity that the object must assume a roughly spherical shape.

For an object such as a planet or moon to have weather, it must have an atmosphere. Asteroids do not have strong enough gravity to maintain an atmosphere.

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