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yes there have been occurences where an eagle has attacked a human

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Are American bald eagles stronger than people?

no bald eagles are weaker than people

What is the bald eagles danger?

even though some eagles eat snakes sometimes bald eagles eat prey in waters and some large snakes like anacondas and pythons attack and swallow bald eagles and swallow them alive

Does a bald eagle have any bad habits?

Bald eagles have a tendency to attack ospreys to steal fish from them.

Do bald eagles help people?


Why do people bring bald eagles to zoos?

That way people can actually show there families and see the bald eagles true beauty

Is a bald eagle and an eagle the same?

All bald eagles are eagles, but not all eagles are bald eagles. There are many different kinds of eagles and the bald eagle is just one of them.

Why do bald eagles die?

people shoot them...

Who kills bald eagles?

Eagles that are not bald. (sarcasm)

Do bald eagles eat other bald eagles?


What are teenage bald eagles called?

bald eagles

Why were Bald Eagles extincted?

Bald Eagles are not extinct.

How many bald eagles are in Alaska?

half the bald eagles in the world live in Alaska BALD EAGLES ARE AWESOME

What are things that people can do to help endangered bald eagles?

Bald eagles are no longer endangered. They were removed from the Endangered Species list in 2007.

Are bald eagles scavengers?

yes; bald eagles are scavengers

Are bald eagles herbivores or carnivores?

bald eagles are carnivores

What state does not have bald eagles?

Hawaii has no native bald eagles.

Do people take care of bald eagles?

If they want to they can!

How do people treat Bald Eagles?

With RESPECT, hopefully.

How are Bald Eagles harmful to humans?

Bald Eagles have sharp beaks and talons, and would only threaten people in defense of their food or nest.

Do bald eagles eat foxes?

Bald Eagles eat fish.

How does the bald eagles tail look?

The bald eagles tail is white

Do bald eagles have a mate for life?

Bald eagles do mate for life.

Are there any bald eagles in Texas?

no there r no bald eagles in texas

Can bald eagles get rabies?

Rabies infects mammals, which bald eagles are not.

What class are bald eagles?

Bald eagles are in the class Aves (birds).