Do bananas all have the same DNA?

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just like humans we all have different DNA , so bananas dont have the same
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How much DNA do humans share with bananas?

It's probably a fairly small proportion. According to evolutionarybiologist Robert May, President of Britain's Royal Society, "Weshare half our genes with the banana" (2001), but genes only makeup 2% of human DNA - the answer depends on what proportion of theremaining 98% is the same. Humans have 23 ( Full Answer )

Why all organism have same ratio of base pair in DNA?

Organisms normally have equal amounts of the bases adenine and thymine (ratio of A:T = 1) and equal amounts of the bases cytosine and guanine (ratio C:G = 1).. The reason is that there is specific base pairing ie adenine can only pair with thymine and cytosine can only pair with guanine. So in a ( Full Answer )

Are banana cake and banana bread the same?

Although banana cake and banana bread have similar ingredients, they are very different in the way they are made and how the final product comes out. Banana cake is lighter in texture and is usually leavened with baking soda and buttermilk. Banana Bread is heavier and moister with baking powder and ( Full Answer )

Do you contain the same DNA in all of your cells that make up you?

Yes , you do.. . The reason is that all your somatic (body) cells are descended from just one cell: the zygote (fertilized egg). Because your body cells have all been formed by mitosis, they are genetically identical.. Exceptions: . Gametes (ova, or unfertilized eggs, and sperms) are formed by a ( Full Answer )

Is the act of a banana turning brown the same as the banana ripening?

What causes a banana's peel to turn brown or black and what causes the fruit to ripen are two different things. A banana's peel turns brown due to an enzyme ( polyphenyl oxidase ), which is naturally found in the banana. The enzyme polymerises phenols in the banana skin into polyphenols. Polyphenols ( Full Answer )

Does all humans have the same DNA?

"Yes and No, humans share 99.9% of the same genetic material. The .1% is what makes everyone different from one another!" That .1% isn't actually a difference, it's simply the varying ratio between dormant/active DNA. In other words, everyone has the gene that makes ones skin naturally white or b ( Full Answer )

What are all the factors to banana rotting?

Mostly its the same factor that goes into it or other fruits ripping, and that is bacteria. The same bacteria that makes food mold, ripens and eventually decomposes fruit. This bacteria thrives in warm and sunny climates.

What has more DNA banana or strawberry?

A banana would. In an experiment I completed just a few days ago. More than a whole gram of DNA was able to be extracted from the Banana compared to a strawberry

Are all DNA cells are the same?

First of all DNA is not a cell. Second of all if DNA was all the same then we would also be the same in thought, apearance, and function. The only time DNA is the same is when it makes up a multicelled organism (or if a Organism is cloned or for a spieces of unicelluar organisms).. This was explain ( Full Answer )

What are all the different varieties of bananas?

There are more than 50 different species of banana. Most are the wild banana and have large seeds. These are not the banana most people think of when thinking of the banana, which has domesticated varieties. The two varieties generally found in the US and sold as bananas are the Dwarf Cavendish and ( Full Answer )

Are banana peppers the same as Pepperoncini?

No...although in the same family and very close, the banana pepper is a sweeter variety while the pepperoncini will characteistically have a little bit more of a spiciness to it.

Do all organisms have the same genes on their DNA?

Short Answer: Not quite. This is a very general question so I'll answer all the possible questions you are asking. DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid because that's what it is made out of. DNA is different in to every individual organism. Your DNA, among other things, is what gives you your o ( Full Answer )

Do bananas come from all countries?

Bananas can only be grown in countries with the right conditions. However they are sometimes grown in greenhouses in temperate climates.

Does all of the cells of a multi-cellular organism have the same DNA?

In theory, yes. All cells of an organism came from one cell (the fertilized egg in the womb), so as long as there were no errors in replication then every cell will have identical DNA. That being said, different cells utilize different portions of that DNA; this is how we have specialized tissue i.e ( Full Answer )

Do identical twins have the same finger prints and DNA at all?

Yes they do because they are created from the same egg when it splits so they will have the same DNA because they are identical but on the other side regular twins don't have the same DNA because they are from diffrent egg and sperm

Is the DNA of a fruit the same as the DNA of a human?

Chemically DNA from any species is the same. But the things is the sequence of DNA such as AATTTCGAATG for example will not be the same. In fact, the sequence can not be the same from person to person. That is the unique nature of DNA.

Why do bananas contain DNA?

Every organism has DNA flat out and simple. With no DNA, we would have no bananas. DNA is the basic building blocks for everything.

Do all banana trees make bananas?

Yes, every banana tree makes bananas. After fruiting the tree will not make bananas and has to be cut down.

Why do we mash the banana in banana DNA extraction lab?

When extracting DNA from a banana, the DNA must release from the cell by breaking apart or lysing the cellular and nuclear membranes. Lysing in this case is the act of breaking open the cell membranes to expose the contents. This is performed by mashing the banana and adding a detergent/salt solutio ( Full Answer )

If all your cells contain the same DNA why are your cells not the same?

Great question! This question is still under scientific debate. You are right that they all contain the same DNA. The answer is complicated, but the short version is that not every gene that is encoded by the DNA is expressed in every cell. Each specialized type of cell also expresses a tissue-sp ( Full Answer )

Is it all right to have bananas in the evening?

Some people say that you should never eat bananas in the evening-well that is ridiculous!!!You can eat bananas in the evenings,I suggest having them with honey for a delicious midnight snack.

How is DNA in all organisms the same and how is it different?

DNA is like a universal language, one that uses the same system and alphabet. All DNA in all organisms is a double helix of deoxyribose nucleic acid made up of adenine, guanine, cytocine and thymine (I think it's thymine at least). The differences are in the codes. The universal language is still un ( Full Answer )

Does a banana have DNA?

Yes! Just like all living things, bananas have DNA. It is also possible to extract DNA from a banana. There are tons of online labs to do this.

Are all bananas organic?

That all depends on the meaning of organic. If by organic you mean living, then yes. If by organic you mean the special way of growing and farming that is pesticide free, then no.

Do you take all the bananas from the tree?

When harvesting bananas the bunch hangs from a thick stem which is then severed from the plant. The bananas are mature but still green. The tree is then cut down at the base. In it's place 3 more plants will grow. It takes about 9 months for the new plant to produce a bunch of bananas.

Are all bananas sterilized?

Assuming you mean sterile as in seedless (unable to reproduce), the majority of the ones you find in the store are. The plants tend to have 50% more chromosomes than normal (triploid). That makes them free of seeds and thus sterile. The black specks inside are not seeds. The way they propagate these ( Full Answer )

Why are bananas used in DNA extraction?

Maybe because bananas are annual kind of plant, which means they can survive in all year round in both rainy season and summer season and it's easy to produce unlike to the other plant to our surroundings. On the other hand, bananas have a juicy stem or body, it has a complete structures of genetic ( Full Answer )

Do all cells have the same amount of DNA?

No. This is because of the extreme diversity in all life and as should be expected, humans have a lot more DNA (# of base pairs, codons) than say E.coli. Even members of the same species have slight variances in this number due to their separate lines of lineages and the heritable mutations associat ( Full Answer )

Are advocados and bananas the same nutrition?

Avocados and Bananas do not have the same nutritional content.Avocados are a healthier choice because they double or triple thenutritional content Bananas have.