Does a banana have DNA?

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Yes! Just like all living things, bananas have DNA. It is also possible to extract DNA from a banana. There are tons of online labs to do this.
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What is DNA?

Deoxyribonucleic Acid DNA is a nucleic acid polymer consisting oftwo long backbones, with nitrogenous bases connecting them (imaginea ladder). This structure is then twisted into a double helix. The two back bones are composed of a pentose sugar (namelydeoxyribose) with the nitrogenous bases facing ( Full Answer )

What are bananas?

Bananas come from many warm parts of the world. West Indies, Australia, South America and others. Bananas are a berry, since they grow in a cluster. They belong to the musaceae family of the plantea kingdom. Bananas are very high in vitamin B6, vitamin C, and potassium.

How much DNA do humans share with bananas?

It's probably a fairly small proportion. According to evolutionarybiologist Robert May, President of Britain's Royal Society, "Weshare half our genes with the banana" (2001), but genes only makeup 2% of human DNA - the answer depends on what proportion of theremaining 98% is the same. Humans have 23 ( Full Answer )

What is a DNA?

DNA are little alien's (DN Aliens). -Actually they are what is carried in the chromosome from man to women, and they contain domestic traits.

What does DNA do?

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a nucleic acid that carries the genetic information needed to construct cells. It is also capable of self-replication and synthesizing ribonucleic acid (RNA).

What has DNA?

Answer . As I understand it DNA is the basic building block of all organic life and allows the life processes of all creatures to function on a cellular and multi-cellular level. Therefore, All life which is based on a cellular structure must have DNA. This must include the entire vegetable ( Full Answer )

What does your DNA do for you?

DNA holds information about our characteristics like hair colour, eye colour etc that we inherited from our parents and it is passed on to our children

What can you do with a banana?

Bananas only have one major use. - Stuffing Daniel Lambs jeans. you can charge a psp and an ipod(probably other electronics to) with a banana. ther is a video on youtube about it.

What do bananas have in them?

Bananas contain three natural sugars-sucrose, fructose and glucose. They consist of 75.7% water, 22.2% carbohydrate, 1.1% protein, .2% fat, and .8% "other". Bananas are also a source of fiber, potassium, and other nutrients.

What is A-DNA?

A-DNA is a conformation of DNA that differs from the common one (B-DNA) by: - a wider right-handed spiral - a shallow, wide minor groove - a narrower, deeper major groove. The A form occurs under non-physiological conditions in partially dehydrated samples of DNA, while in the cell it may b ( Full Answer )

What is in DNA?

DNA is what makes you you it is a nucleic acid thatcontains genetic instructions used in the development andfunctioning of all living organisms and some viruses.

What is a bananas?

It is a type or kind of fruit that grows on a banana tree & it is yellow and shaped like the moon.

What does the DNA do?

It is like a big book containing all the information of a being, you find it in every cell's nucleus. Specialized cell agents enter the nucleus, copy the pages then translate them outside the nucleus, resulting into proteins, these proteins do most of cell's work. Every cell of a being has the sa ( Full Answer )

What DNA does?

It is the genetic matirial of all living organisms. It makes you look and act similar yet not exactly the same as yourparents or siblings.

Where is DNA and what does it do?

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is contained within the nucleus of eukaryotic cells and in the cytoplasm of prokaryotic cells. It contains the genetic instructions used for creating life and determining traits. Every single living organism on this planet including some viruses have DNA. It is a simple f ( Full Answer )

What does DNA do for you?

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is the genetic instructions contained within the nucleus of your cells. It is the 'blue prints' to create you. It determines your species, gender, eye colour, hair colour, hair type, skin colour, size, height, etc. Without DNA you could not exist.

What does a banana do for you?

Potassium is the major benificent material provided by internal consumption of the humble banana. However, it provides 70% (in varying amounts) of nutrients (vitamins AND minerals) required by the human body on a daily basis. See the link:

What has more DNA banana or strawberry?

A banana would. In an experiment I completed just a few days ago. More than a whole gram of DNA was able to be extracted from the Banana compared to a strawberry

Where is the banana from?

They are native to the tropical region of Southeast Asia. Today they are cultivated throughout the tropics.

What can you do with DNA?

make the human traits it is the code to your DNA you could make a nother replica of your self

What do bananas do?

as you might know bananas help you be healthy. when they are in your stomach, they tell the little peoples in there to turn him into a little person too, so then they do, and they turn him into a person because he begs them to so he can go through the digestive system. TO BE CONTINUED............

Who is DNA?

DNA isn't a who , but it is a what . The answer to this question will be found under "DNA" if you type it into the Ask bar above. [(face palm)]

How can you get bananas?

any of your local grocery markets but i prefer wal-mart cause they has fresh bananas almost every day

What is a a banana?

An elongated curved fruit, which grows in bunches, and has a sweet creamy flesh and a smooth yellow skin.

What can DNA do?

DNA can determine if a person will have a heat attack to if you will be good at snowboarding

Where do you get your DNA from?

You receive it from your parents. Both the DNA from your parents' sex cells make up yours. Think of yourself as half of two people: your mother and your father. This is because each sex cell has half of the chromosomes to make an entire organism.

What do banana have?

bananas have acid , balls , nipples , yellow stringy stuff ( or other wise known as atachable and detachable condoms) please report back if you find our answer correct

Where do you get bananas?

from a tree ( hand or comb ) or from your local super market In a shop lol

Where did you get your DNA?

Its a combination of your mom's and you dad's. Identical twins have the same dna

DNA is in what?

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is in all known living organisms and some viruses. It is contained within the nucleus of animal and plant cells.

What does DNA have in it?

DNA is a macromolecule made of many nucleotide subunits; these subunits are made of a nitrogen-containing base, a ribose sugar, and a phosphate group . DNA is also associated with many different types of proteins that help keep It maintained and organized within the cell. The bases are either ( Full Answer )

Why do bananas contain DNA?

Every organism has DNA flat out and simple. With no DNA, we would have no bananas. DNA is the basic building blocks for everything.

What we can do with DNA?

DNA can let us track people. Just by a sample of it we know their name, birth, and sperm count.

Why do we mash the banana in banana DNA extraction lab?

When extracting DNA from a banana, the DNA must release from the cell by breaking apart or lysing the cellular and nuclear membranes. Lysing in this case is the act of breaking open the cell membranes to expose the contents. This is performed by mashing the banana and adding a detergent/salt solutio ( Full Answer )

How did you get your DNA?

Half of it came from your mother - the other half came from your father.

How do you get your DNA?

Your DNA is inherited from your parents. You receive one set of chromosomes from each parent. Therefore exactly half of your DNA comes from each parent.

Why do you have your DNA?

DNA is the fundamental molecule for life, it is the "code" for "you". In the same way that 0's and 1's make up the code of a computer at its most fundamental point, DNA codes for living functions. DNA is turned into RNA which makes Amino Acids, which build proteins.... and basically everything is ( Full Answer )

What you can not do with DNA?

Are you asking What can not be done with DNA? Well, for example: You can't make a protein/Amino acids with DNA, this function called translation is carried out by RNA...

Where did we get our DNA from?

Our DNA is inherited from our parents half from your mother and half from your father, you may resemble your parents but your never alike.

What has no DNA?

Prions They are misshaped proteins that have the ability to misshape other proteins to look like it (in that way it propagates itself) you may have heard of mad cow disease

What can you do with bananas?

use to masturbate lick eat taste spit on squeeze throw tickle? dress up talk to (if your lonely) eat with kiss play video games with it make them kiss other bananas

When do you get DNA?

assuming you mean the earliest developmental stages of life. Your dna is the result of the genetic material from your mother's egg and your father's sperm combining and copying itself as you gain more and more cells.

Why are bananas used in DNA extraction?

Maybe because bananas are annual kind of plant, which means they can survive in all year round in both rainy season and summer season and it's easy to produce unlike to the other plant to our surroundings. On the other hand, bananas have a juicy stem or body, it has a complete structures of genetic ( Full Answer )

What are in DNA?

DNA or Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid is a double stranded compound made up of a deoxyribose (sugar-phosphate) backbone with nucleotide bases bonded together with hydrogen bonds.

What is DNA-?

DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA are molecules that carrygenetic information in living organisms to include humans andanimals.