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Do bank in Australia operate with IBAN?

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2010-06-17 10:09:12

No, IBAN is used exclusively by European banks. To transfer

to/from Australian institutions you need to obtain a SWIFT code

from your bank.

Would be nice if someone could give example of how to complete

transfer on line info.

French bank details mention:

Name of account holder



The account in Australia gives me a BSB number and an account


Australian banks do in fact operate with IBAN numbers when

dealing with overseas banks.

According to Westpac - your IBAN number in Westpac is 12 digits

- your BSB and your Account number all together. This is typed in

without any spaces or dashes.

In addition, most foreign banks want a SWIFT code (your

Australian bank will gladly provide one.) Some foreign systems also

want an alphanumeric code as part of the 12 digit IBAN - Best to

confirm with the foreign bank on that one.

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