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Banks require a 2 year job history, you can have different jobs as long as they were in the same industry. So as long as you can piece together atleast a 2 year job history, you will be fine. If you have any issues there are alternative documentation types such as stated income, no documentation, etc.

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Q: Do banks require permanent employment for a minimum number of years for mortgage applicants?
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What is the difference between full time vs permanent employment?

A fulltime employment involves a minimum of 8 hours (sometimes more/less, depending on the business) and comes with certain benefits which are not enjoyed by a part time employee. "Permanent" employment is generally Fulltime and the term (permanent) is mostly used in state (government) owned jobs. A "Permanent" employment starts with a probation period, successful completion of which leads to an employee termed as "Permanent" or "confirmed". Once an employee becomes "Permanent", he/she enjoys certain additional benefits like PF, Gratuity, Pension etc. The term "permanent" essentially means that the employer will not terminate an employment contract under normal condition. This gives greater stability to the employees.

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What are the minimum qualifications needed for a first time home buyer to apply for mortgage?

Minimum requirements are the ability to make the montly mortgage payment. You also must be able to show that you have used credit responsibily in the past.

How much should a 16 year old be getting paid at a job?

minimum wage. contact your local employment agency for details minimum wage. contact your local employment agency for details

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Can you qualify for a mortgage with a fico score of 567?

It is hard to qualify for a mortgage with a Fico score of 567. Most lenders, including FHA, require individuals to have a minimum Fico score of 580 to qualify for a mortgage.

What role does the employment equity Act play in support of the minimum wage laws?

The Employment Equity Act requires that employers remove barriers to employment that disadvantage certain groups of society. As far as support of minimum wage laws. the act ensures all are paid fair wages.

What is the Minimum FICO score needed to obtain an FHA mortgage?

FHA guidelines do not require a "Minimum" FICO in order to obtain an FHA loan. Many investors that make FHA loans do, however, have a minimum FICO requirement. Contact a knowledgeable Mortgage professional in your area and he will be able to help you with additional information.

What is maximum age for Walmart employees?

There is no maximum age for employment. There IS a minimum age.

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When can you start employment?

14 years of age is the minimum to start employment in America. You can only work a set amount of hours until you are 18, though.

what is the minimum credit score for an FHA home mortgage?

If you have some credit then you will typically need a minimum middle credit score of 580 to qualify for a FHA loan.

What is the minimum age for employment in England?

12 Years, within very strict limits.

What is reverse equity mortgage?

a reverse equity mortgage usually refers to a reverse mortgage, also referred to as a HECM loan. (Home Equity Conversion Loan). The key difference between a regular mortgage and a reverse mortgage is that no monthly mortgage payments are due on a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage also does not have credit or income requirements because there are no payments due. Qualification is based on age- minimum age 62- the value of the home and its location.

Can a 15 year old kid bag groceries at Publix?

yes. The minimum age for employment at Publix is 14. Check with your local Publix for employment opportunities.

Where to get a home loan after chapter 7?

ya mamma You can ask your mamma, but... Just about any mortgage broker can help you as long as you have assets, income, long-term employment, and a substantial down payment. You need a minimum of a 580 credit score to get a mortgage. Usually bankruptcy takes your credit below this score, but every case is different. I have written mortgages personally for people with bankruptcy on their report.

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