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They could. but most of them are from when you were born.

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Q: Do beauty marks appear any time?
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What does it mean when you keep getting more beauty marks?

Well when I was born I didn't have any now I have like almost 10 so I guess it's normal and don't be ashamed of beauty marks these little marks people say give u beauty so beauty up!

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I have a very little beauty mark on the right size of my nose, and i HATE it. Only because my whole entire face is clear of any of those marks. Here is two options. 1)Endore your natural beauty, that's the whole part of the "BEAUTY" Mark. To Show Expression to your face. 2) Apply and foundation, that is a bit lighter that your natural skin tone. Tap your face to get rid of any blobs of foundation. Then use a light colored eye/lip pencil to blend in the beauty marks. Although, Option 1 is easier, and if your more of a natural person. I hope I helped :]

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yes but only birth marks can be any were else so yes they can either be around your nose or around your cheek bones

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is there any solution for the marks in my hand that is due to plastic surgery

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