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Yes they do. I put bike grips on my razor scooter and they fit on ok but they are a bit long.

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Probably, but you're best off measuring the bars first. A BMX bar is 7/8" (22.2 mm) by the grips.

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it depends on the diameter of your handlebar

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On occasion they will fit but not always, this depends on the size of the handlebars.

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Q: Do bike grips fit on scooter grips?
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How do you put bike grips on a scooter?

you take the normal grips off and shove the new ones on.

Can you use bmx grips as dirt bike grips?

it may be a snug fit but it is doable

Do bike grips fit razor scooters?


Where can one purchase new scooter grips?

New scooter grips can be purchased from several different retailers. Some of these include Amazon, Razorama, Bike Ahead, Exodus Pro Scooters, and Kryptic Pro Scooters.

Do your bike grips have to be made by the same brand as your bmx bike?

No. Grips and handlebars are fairly well standardized, so pretty much any grip will fit.

How do you fit scooter grips?

Ok I have a scooter, and the way that i fit my grips is easy!. So all you have to do is go buy grips go home and find some spray paint. Spray inside of the grip and quickly as fast as you can push them onto the handle bars. Than after a bit it will stick, stay there and hardly ever move.

What are the best scooter grips?

odessy Keyboard grips

How can you get money fast for a new scooter and scooter grips?

garage sale hope it helped :D

Where can one buy some cheap but quality scooter handlebar grips?

One can buy some cheap but quality scooter handlebar grips from Skate Hut, Razorama, Skates, eBay and Amazon online stores. Having a quality scooter handlebar grips is very important, as it allows one to have a proper grip when one goes on a jump with the scooter.

How do you get scooter grips off?

Use a knife and cut it off

Can you get a motorcycle on bully ps2?

No you cannot get a motorcycle, but you can get a bike or a scooter. The scooter is just like a motorcycle. no actually you can get a bike,scooter,and a go kart

What is better for kids scooter or bike?

Scooter are safer, but bikes are more fun