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What can a creditor do if you are in default on a credit card

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How can you get a loan with 470 credit score

Monique's previous credit card balance is 199.26 and she has a monthly finance charge of 1.5 How much will the credit card company assess in finance charges on this balance

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Q: Do charge-offs go off your credit after 7 years?
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Can your credit score go up if your charge off is dropped after 7 years?

I just need to know what happens to your credit score after a charge off has been dropped past 7 years.

How many years does your credit report last?

Your credit re-establishes itself every 7 years, which means if you have a negative item on your credit that has been charged off it will go away in 7 years but up to ten years for bankruptcies and repo's.

How do you eliminate credit?

First, stop buying on credit. Then, start with the credit source you owe the least on and get it paid off. When it is paid off, go to the second least and pay it off. Do this until all your credit is paid off.

Can a person file for homestead credit even if they are a homeowner and the mortgage is payed off?

if a person is a home owner and there mortgage is payed off how years may the go back?

How long does it take for credit score to go up in rating after paying off debt?

How long does it take for credit score to go up in rating after paying off debt?

Where can one find information on paying off credit cards?

Information about paying off credit cards can be found on sites that deal with credit problems. There you can find places to go to to help pay off your credit card debt within your budget.

Will your credit score go up when a bankruptcy comes off?

Yes, a Bankruptcy is one of the most damaging accounts which can show up on a credit report. The good news is that after 2 years, the account doesn't impact your credit score as much. Once it is deleted, your credit score is improved.

How do you get bad credit off your credit report?

You pull your credit report at credit report .com and as long as it has been seven years you can go online to dispute it. It should say dispute just push the button or call to dispute it they should have a number for each credit report which concist of three separate ones.

You had filed bk it didnt go through it was dismissand the only one who wanted to go through was the lawyer so how can you get it off your credit history?

i think you can dispute it through the credit brureaus to get it off

Where can I learn how to quickly pay off my credit card debt?

Typically classes regarding paying off credit card debt are offered by community based organizations. The best bet for paying off credit card debt is to go see a credit couselor.

Once a chapter 7 falls off your credit report how much will your credit score go up or will this have an affect on your credit score?

I had a 670 score the month before it dropped off, and when it dropped off it went up about 50 points. In that period (ten years) I never had one late payment, so you can recover from a Chapter 7. It just takes time.

If you had 10 charge-offs and a score of 500 but paid them off two years ago and have carefully been building up your credit since then what should your score be now?

answer: be patient. it takes 7 years for this information to no longer be reported to the credit bureau. if you want to simulate different scenarios with your credit and how different approaches will effect your credit then go to Great service.

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