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Do cocketiels and parakeets get along?


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There have been cases where they do, but it is not recommended to mix different species of birds in the same cage. Cockatiels are much bigger than parakeets, and can cause serious damage from a single bite.


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Unfortunately, some parakeets do not get along. If parakeets are not getting along, either place them with another parakeet or give them a cage by themselves.

I have a large aivery with four parakeets, two love birds and a cockateil. They all get along fine.

Yes old and young parakeets can get along. They can also be territorial so it is important to introduce them to each other gradually so they aren't threatened.

because they dont skwake at each othet

In short, yes. The key is can those two specific blue parakeets get along. Color doesn't matter, but the two parakeets personalities may clash. If you have had a parakeet for a long time, he may not take kindly to an intruder. Often if you have three, two will bond and pick on the outsider. It is really about the individual birds not the color.

Slow, short, and peaceful introductions are needed. Some parakeets will just never get along however, and should be housed separately.

Sometimes but they usually end up arguing and fighting eventually.

budgies and parakeets are the same things so yes

If you like sucking boobs and penises for a living, then yes.

It depends, if they r both females, no unless its the babies mother and yes if they are both male or if one is male and the other is female. But sometimes parakeets only like the parakeets they think are pretty so its kind of anonymous.

for some reason my budgie and my lovebird get along and seem to mate. i don't think budgies and love birds get along.

They can dislike any bird kept with them. Me and my friend just got two new parakeets yesterday.(there kept at his house) and my parakeet is older and his is to young to know how old it is and they get along pretty well. today mine was licking the baby's toes

You will know when your parakeets (male and female only) want to mate when they start to get along with each other. The male will start to respect the female and began feeding her. This is also a sign for breeding. Enjoy breeding your parakeets! Trust me, it's a LOT of fun!

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The possessive form of the plural noun parakeets is parakeets'.Example: The parakeets' cages are cleaned daily.

No, parakeets are not poisonous.

put them in separate cages and don't let them out at the same time out of their cage until they get along

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