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Do copied car keys start the car?


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Copied car keys are aren't easy to be copied and you will have a hard time starting a car if you have that copied car key since that key is very thin, it can easily broke and it's bigger than a normal keys at home.

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Did you lose your car keys or are you looking to hijack a car? ;)

If you have to ask, then you have no business even attempting to drive a car.

You should be able to Google that under "car-jacking" or "how to steal a car"!

Break the window , start car with the keys and drive to your nearest glass shop .

Get the vin number and go to the place you bought the car to get a key made. You will need the registration to the car.

Most of the chip car keys are quite expensive to duplicate. Dealers are asking $300. Local locksmiths may be able to do it for $75.

The car keys are right under the car with the flashing red light

I cannot imagine that there are reliable statistics for key copying, seeing that there are small key copying shops in every town, and they don't seem to keep records any time that I have had keys copied.

"Valet keys" get their name because they are designed to start the car they're made for as well as lock the doors on that car: two things you'd need a valet to do for you. As an additional safety feature, valet keys cannot open a locked trunk or glove box. The locks on these compartments are designed to only be opened or engaged by the main car key (which is usually a chipped transponder key, smart key, or similar).

Is it law to provide two keys by a car dealership when buying a car?

Hardware stores, locksmiths, the car dealership.

If the key is lost for a car which has a immobilizer system in place, you will need to contact the dealership. Most car keys have microchips in place to prevent auto theft. The car dealership will be able to order a new key to start the car.

when my dad lost his keys to the van he alwyas used a screwdriver and now that he has his keys back his ignition isn't tore up i mean yeh it has some scratches and stuff on it but that's it, you will still be able to start it once you have the keys again.

i invented keys Gary benford

In my case it was because the original key has a microchip in it that the copied key does not. In order to get a key with a microchip in it, I have to go to the dealer and order one at the price of around $85.

uhhh are you all stupid or something they are car keys so obviously for a car

Getting a car to start without using the key is called hot wiring the car, however the process is far more difficult than it used to be, if not impossible. Many new cars have keys that have circuit boards in them that only allow the car to start if they are connected to the ignition.

1) Get into car 2) Put keys in ignition 3) Turn to "on" position 4) Apply Brake 5) Shift into neutral 6) Start the car

It is legal for a garage to hold your keys in the office, but is illegal to keep them in the car unlocked! Sue them if they have kept the keys in the car, youll be rich!

"Keys to the benz" means Give me the keys to a mercades (Car) ~Mars

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