Do cougars live in Ohio?

If real cougars are sighted in Ohio, they're of two sources, either escaped pets or transient males wandering from the western U.S. There just isn't enough appropriate habitat to support an ongoing population in Ohio. Still, some swear they do exist in Ohio.

I will disagree with Viper1. I have seen a mountain lion here in Aberdeen, Ohio, and so have several other neighbors. One of our neighbors has seen two of them together while late night fishing with his family. There's also been bobcats, wolves, and bears spotted by many other people. If you live in this area you would know there's plenty of land, woods, and hiding places for these types of animals to start moving in. Also, they are predators. They will follow their favorite meal, which is deer. The deer population is outrageous here.

Pumas are native to Ohio, but were extirpated decades ago. That being said, Ohio does have suitable habitat for these cats in areas, and due to the secretive nature of these animals, it would not be too surprising for one to turn up. It could be an escapee from a private owner, or one that wandered in from western areas. One from South Dakota turned up in Connecticut a few years ago, and DNA samples proved the animal was from a population of pumas in that state. But it is doubtful there is a breeding population there in Ohio.