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There have been no controlled studies that have shown ear stapling to reduce weight. Certainly you can find plenty of people who swear by it and claim it helped them lose a great deal of weight; however, this is the case with almost every medication, herb, or procedure out there. When these kind of procedures are studied scientifically, instead of just relying on anecdotal reports, it is usually revealed that they do no better than a placebo. The bottom line with losing weight is to reduce the amount of caloric intake (and to make sure it is done in moderation) and increase the amount of exercise. Ear stapling and other procedures can be dangerous if they are done in a non-sterile manner by people who don't know what they are doing, so be careful whom you trust with your body.

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Q: Do ear staples help weight loss?
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Where do you put the weight loss bead on the ear?

It goes behind the ear on the vagus nerve.

What could cause sudden hearing loss in one ear?

An ear infection could cause sudden hearing loss in only one ear.

What causes conductive hearing loss?

A conductive hearing loss occurs when the outer or middle ear does not efficiently transfer sound to the inner ear. In the outer ear common causes include ear wax and foreign objects in the ear canal.conductive hearing loss is caused by damage to the bones of the ear,or to the tymanic membrane(eardrum),or to the outer ear. Nerve damage is the only other kind of hearing loss you can have and that is caused by damage to the nerves in the cochlea..I was born without eardrums and have a conductive loss

What is peripheral hearing loss?

Peripheral Hearing loss has to do with hearing loss in the peripheral auditory mechanism...that is, in the External Ear, Middle Ear, Cochlea, and VIIIth nerve.

What do loud sounds do to the structure of the ear to cause hearing loss?

they burst the ear drum that's what causes hearing loss

Can you improve your hearing after hearing loss?

Unfortunately, in most cases hearing loss does not improve. However, some types of hearing loss can be caused by problems which may be treated medically, such as ear infections or a perforated ear-drum. These types of loss can often improve. If the loss is a nerve loss, as is most hearing loss, it is not likely to get better. Depends on the cause of hearing loss. If the loss is conductive - ie. caused by a problem with the ear canal, ear drum, bones behind the ear or middle ear cavity, there is a good chance that it could be treated surgically. If the hearing loss is due to changes in the nerves (sensorineural hearing loss) then there is no surgical, medical or alternative treatment that will improve the hearing. An audiologist will be able to tell you if your results indicate that you have a conductive, sensorineural or mixed (both types) loss.

What are any cures for hearing loss?

Unfortunately, in most cases hearing loss does not improve. However, some types of hearing loss can be caused by problems which may be treated medically, such as ear infections or a perforated ear-drum. These types of loss can often improve. If the loss is a nerve loss, as is most hearing loss, it is not likely to get better. there are no cures. only aids that can help Improve their ablility to hear. Hearing aids and cochlear implants

Why hearing loss occurs?

Hearing loss occurs when the inner ear is damaged by excessive, loud noise (acute or over a period of time), toxins are introduced to the ear, illness or disease of the ear or that affects or INFECTS the ear, or when a trauma occurs (ruptured ear drum from a foreign object inserted into the ear, for example) . Hearing loss can also occur in infancy, for known or unknown reasons.

Are there acupressure points to lose weight?

Yes, the following acupressure points are believed to help one lose weight. The stomach point on the ear that is located in the middle of the ear may help in improved digestion. Also, the pressure point found on the middle upper lip is believed to control hunger.

Is a ear infection a sign of hearing loss?

No. But infection can lead to hearing loss

Why does ear size affect heat loss?

Blood flowing through a large, thin ear is close to the outside air and can lose heat rapidly to the air. The larger the ear, the larger the heat loss.

If you have sharp pain in your ear and some hearing loss is this a middle ear infection?


What happens if an ear infection does not clear up?

Ear infections can cause loss of hearing.

What is the most common ear problem Hearing loss Middle ear infection Deafness Tinnitus?

Middle Ear infection

What does an audiologist help with?

An Audiologist is a medical doctor who treats conditions and diagnoses diseases of the ear. Audiologists help patients suffering from hearing loss by prescribing medication or a hearing device.

Where can I get good ear plugs?

From looking on the website under their search. You can click on the shopping tab and find many different stores that offer a wide selection of ear plugs. The store that seems to have the best variety of ear plugs is Staples. If there is a Staples near you then you wouldn't have to worry about waiting for them to be shipped to you, and could just go and them up from the store.

Does getting ear stapled help you lose weight?

No! Who ever told you that is just dumb! If you want to lose weight do it the smart healthy way instead of hurting your self!

What is the medical term meaning hearing loss because the middle ear does not conduct sound vibrations to the inner ear normally?

In conductive hearing loss, sound is not conducted to the middle ear. Otosclerosis is one cause of conductive hearing loss; tympanic membrane rupture is another.

Are open ear hearing aids good for severe loss of hearing?

Typically, the behind the ear models are better for severe hearing loss. Speaker-in-the-Ear (SIE) hearing aids allow people with severe hearing loss to use open fit hearing aids.

Is ear surgery a caue fo hearing loss?

Total hearing loss is rare

How is conductive hearing loss different from sensory hearing loss?

Conductive hearing loss occurs in the outer or middle ear. (Something stuck in hear canal, perforated ear drum, breakdown in the ossicular chain)Sensorineural loss occurs in the inner ear inside cochlea where the tinny hair cells have become damaged.

How do you help an ear ache?

Advil will help temporarily but you may have to see a doctor because the ear ache can lead to an ear ache

What makes ear plugs work?

ear plugs for hearing loss get put into the ear and helps you to hear better than before after a while.

What causes ear damage?

A hearing loss can be caused

What can cause loss of balance?

Middle ear Infection. Anything which affects the fluid in The middle Ear Such as vertigo.

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