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Do fat burning creams work?

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No all they do is moisturize and waste your money. The only way to burn fat is to work it off. Fat builds up in our bodies because its not broken down on its own, we have to help it along. Losing weight is a lifestyle change, increase activity and watching what you eat. I never thought of dieting because I love food. The best advice I heard is eat three meals a day, drink plenty of water and exercise. This are things we can do naturally and easily. If you want cake have a piece not the whole thing, If you want pasta have some, if you want beer, have a few.I eat more citrus because the acid in the fruit helps burn fat naturally, I do take vitamins then I don't crave certain things from the foods I shouldn't eat alot of. Once a day I go outside and something for 30 minutes. It takes small, stable steps to change what we have known. Like anything else that a human learns, it takes repetition and soon it will be second hat.

AnswerNO, there is no miracle to losing weight. It is a simple formula, you must burn more calories than you take in to lose weight. Contrary to the advice above, eating citrus has no effect on weight loss. Also I believe the expression is "second hand" (not directly known or experienced, obtained from others or from books). Eat less, get more exercise, and you will lose weight.
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How do breast enlargement creams work?

Breast enlargement creams do not typically work. If they do, they contain estrogen. Estrogen is the female hormone that produces fat. An excessive amount of estrogen can increase the breast size. However, absorbing it through the breast skin won't always work.

Were online can i find some fat loss cream that works?

"Fat loss creams" do not work. There are some cellulite creams that come with a special applicator -- a roller, texture rubber gloves, etc. -- that serve to break down the globules of fat molecules beneath the skin that create cellulite. These creams do not get rid of the fat; rather, they just help the body to redistribute it. Getting rid of excess fat is the result of deficit calories by decreasing food consumption and increasing activity. No cream can do that.

Do ice creams contain pork fat?

Yes, but only 3% of it is pork fat. But Really ice creams like Mr Whippy, Mister Softee or Gallones DON'T contain pork fat

Does ice cream have cow fat in it?

Most ice creams do.

What are the best fat burning workouts currently available?

Inquire your local experts on the subject to determine what best work outs are available for fat burning. Opinions may vary, so it is up to you to establish the best method for you.

Why do you lose only a little weight when you work out?

This happens because when you work out, not only are you burning and losing extra unneeded fat, but you are also building muscle which isnt as heavy as fat but does add weight.


hell no that stuff doesnt work. its really unhealthy actually.

When did l'oreal start trading in whitening creams?

it started when she had a big fat poo.

What are the chemicals used in ice cream?

in some ice-creams, pig fat is used

Do stretch marks pregnancy creams really work?

Stretch mark creams for pregnancy will help to moisten your skin. However, there are none that will work fully.

How can I remove wrinkles from face quickly?

You can use creams, beauty products and supplements. Creams and beauty products can be work.

Do anti-wrinkle creams work?

There is evidence, in the form of clinical research and studies, that suggest anti-wrinkle creams do work on some people. However, it is important to note that not all creams work on everyone, as everyone is different and their bodies will respond differently to different creams. Simply because one formulation does not work on you does not mean that another formulation will not work, as well. Unfortunately, trial and error is the only way to determine what anti-wrinkle cream will work.

Will the fat burning bible work without doing the exersices?

You will most likely still lose weight by following the food plan, even if you don't do the exercises. Here's a link to a website that will help you learn more about it.

Are there ice creams that don't melt?

Yes ... those that stay in the freezer. Actually, the lower the fat content, the longer it will remain frozen, but eventually all ice creams will melt.

Is it possible to use face creams and look younger?

Yes possibly. Certain face creams decrease visibility of wrinkles and features on the face that make people look older in the face. Before going out and buying any of these creams I recommend that you search for the creams that work best by asking people their opinions on which creams work best. There are a wide variety on the market but many do not work or don't give the results people are looking for. Hope this helped (:

Why shouldn't icy poles and ice creams be sold at school?

Kids are already really fat.

What is the optimal heart rate to start burning fat and calories?

It is recommended to work within 80-85% of your maximum heart rate for the highest rate of fat loss and calorie burning. The Karvonen formula tells you your maximum heart rate (

When you sweat are you burning fat?

I am positive it does. >> To qualify this...yes, during exercise you will be 'burning' fat, but the amount and rate of fat 'burnt' depend on your fitness level, your diet and the intensity of the activity your participating in. Sweat is just your body's way of cooling itself when it getting hot. During exercise or hard work, the increase in activity, and therefore the energy requirements of your body, cause an increase in temperature.

Is breast enlargement creams are dangerous?

Nope but they don't work either.

Why do ringworms keep appearing on someones body even after creams and medicines?

Maybe the creams and medicines do not work for your body and it is not strong enough to get rid of the ringworms.

What negative side effects do acne creams have?

Acne creams can have a variety of negative side effects. The most common side effects include symptoms such as redness, skin peeling, skin burning, or any kind of irritation of the skin.

If you tone your thighs and leg's will your butt get smaller?

No, if you work the muscles in your thighs it wont make your but smaller, but if you are burning calories and losing fat of course it will get a little smaller.

What are fat burning compatible foods?

Fat burning compatible foodsThe so-called 'fat burning compatible' foods are said to be foods that work with (rather than hinder) the thermic (fat burning) effect of proteins. Proteins require your body to use more energy to process them than other type of foods such as fats and carbohydrates (particularly refined processed carbohydrates). These are some examples of fat burning foods:Quality fat burning proteins: (preferably organic) such as turkey, chicken, lamb, lean beef, bison, game, eggs, fish and shellfish.Foods said to be 'compatible' ( not hindering the thermic effect of proteins) are fresh water, green tea, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, any leafy green vegetables, and limited amounts of low carbohydrate fruits such as berries.To learn how to use quality fat-burning protein, foods that speed up metabolism, and the feeding frequency required for optimum effect, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Sources and Related Links..

Does surgical vaginal tightening work?

Yes, they do work but are more expensive than vaginal tightening creams

Is spinach a fat burning food?

No - no food makes you burn fat. What helps you burn fat is exercise coupled with a calorie-controlled diet.

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