Dieting and Weight Loss

Do fat burning creams work?



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No all they do is moisturize and waste your money. The only way to burn fat is to work it off. Fat builds up in our bodies because its not broken down on its own, we have to help it along. Losing weight is a lifestyle change, increase activity and watching what you eat. I never thought of dieting because I love food. The best advice I heard is eat three meals a day, drink plenty of water and exercise. This are things we can do naturally and easily. If you want cake have a piece not the whole thing, If you want pasta have some, if you want beer, have a few.I eat more citrus because the acid in the fruit helps burn fat naturally, I do take vitamins then I don't crave certain things from the foods I shouldn't eat alot of. Once a day I go outside and something for 30 minutes. It takes small, stable steps to change what we have known. Like anything else that a human learns, it takes repetition and soon it will be second hat.


NO, there is no miracle to losing weight. It is a simple formula, you must burn more calories than you take in to lose weight. Contrary to the advice above, eating citrus has no effect on weight loss. Also I believe the expression is "second hand" (not directly known or experienced, obtained from others or from books). Eat less, get more exercise, and you will lose weight.