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If the boy has proved to the girl that he can be trusted beyond any shadow of doubt, under any given circumstance or situation then the girl may feel safe.

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Why do girls change around other girls with 2 boys around?

Many girls feel self conscious around boys and try to impress them. others try to be as discreet as possible around boys. Trust me I was like that once.

Do you like boys and girls?

If you like boys and girls then you will feel tingly (if u r a girl) arou d some girls then yes if no then no. Same with boys if u r a guy and feel tingly around some guys then yes if no then no.

Why do boys always use girls?

There are some nice boys out there trust me !just rarely see them, Boys hide their emotions because they think that by being the boy they have to be the tougher ones.And, there are just some boys who just don't think about how we girls feel!

Do boys like girls when they ignore them?

no,not at all.becoz when girls ignore boys,they feel that they are not interested in them.

How do men know if they are besexual?

they know because...........they would feel horny around boys and girls!

Why do some boys suck on girls breasts?

because they like boobs its supposed to make girls feel good

How do boys feel about girls in sports?

They feel like girls cant do anything and they can do everything.

Why do some girls feel happy when boys tease them?

Sometimes boys tease the girls that they like.

What is it like to have a crush on someone?

it depends on who you are. boys can get nervus or get out of control and girls can blush when they get around boys or they can just feel shy. theres people who dont feel anything though

Why do boys have penusis?

So girls can suck them.

What do boys feel when girls kiss them on the cheek?

they feel like kissing back and to kiss on the girls breast.

Y do boys pee on girls?

because girls think it feels good and it makes boys feel good

Why do boys touch girls?

They want to feel in control

Do boys feel emotional after they lose their virginity like some girls do?

Some boys do feel emotional after they lose their virginity

Why do girls like the bad boys?

They like bad boys cause they feel like they are cool and i guess some girls like that.

What do boys feel about girls?

Boys under 12 are usually still convinced you have cooties still. After that they start to perk up to girls.

If you think girls are yucky are you gay?

If you think girls are yucky are not gay just not in the phase of liking girls yet! Dont worry you will get there one day! ;) ----------- Answer Possibly just young. Give it time and see how you feel. Most boys think girls are yucky until they are around 13-14 (no matter what they might say in the locker room). If you still feel girls are 'yucky' and feel attracted to boys then maybe you can think about it again.

How do girls finger boys?

through their butcrack but it does not feel as good

How do you know what sex a rabbit is?

hold your rabbit firmly but gently upside down.feel aroundboys have ballsgirls don't

Do emo boys like Mexican girls?

i am not sure but the emo boys i know don't like Mexican girls but some emo boys might feel a different way.

Why do boys like girls breast?

boys like girls breast because they are made to attract boys. boys after looking at brest feel sexually emotional and slowly their penis starts becoming erect.

How girls feel about boys?

Preteen and Teen girls just want to feel loved and beautiful. They want to feel like you really really want to make them happy.

What might cause boys to ignore some girls?

They could feel a bit nervous because other boys and girls might make fun of them.

Can 12 year olds like boys and girls?

yes its what they feel

Why do girls fall for boys so easily?

Because girls are more hormonal and they feel the need to love.