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Do girls like a guys if they are sensitive and cry a lot and are true to themselves and tell you everything?


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That's true, but sitting down with your man makes a whole lot of a difference. Maybe he had a rough childhood. If a man keeps their emotions hide away or if a man doen't cry than he's really not a man. A man isn't afraid to be himself. A persons emotions are very important and they shouldn't be shoved away. Men the cry are great because that makes a women feel better about themselves. When a women is crying she leans on her man and when a man cries he leans on his women. Cry baby cry!


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they are afraid of competition from other girls and or guys thinking for themselves, which is a bad thing for the females to have happen.

no but at times guys can be sensitive too but girls are more most of the time

they cry,and guys can be the one with the shoulder to cry ON

Girls do like sensitive guys sometimes, but it always depends. It's an awesome thing when guys are sensitive, btu it's also cool when they are a little tough. Girls look for a guy who can "protect them" I guess. It's attractive when the guy is strong emotionally and physically, but that's not all that matters. Most girls prefer a guy who has feelings and is sensitive, because girls are often like that, and it's much easier to understand each other when you're both sensitive. So the answer is, some girls like sensitive guys, and some girls prefer tough guys.

guys can do everything better :)

Girls like guys who are self-confident and who aren't afraid to be themselves.

it depends,if puberty hasn't started they are more sensitive and girls tend to like sensitive guys better

I think they do I think it's turn on.

guys: rub penis girls: rub sensitive area

Everything that doesn't suck.

Answer I don't know where you are writing from, but I've never heard of the Sensitive New Age Guys. It must be you who is sensitive and thinks that everyone else is too.

Some guys like tough and goth girlsSome like smart and sensitive girlfor me i like a girls that is smart that can sing that is sensitive and a girls that are cute

Some girls are very sensitive down there and it arouses them.

Guys have the same sensitive spots as girls do... The collar bone, behind the ear, the inner thigh, and the back of the knee but the most common is their neck

Shouldn't be unless you tell them to be. It does what it's told (Girls) are so judgemental because guys make them that way. Girls are very they have to watch out for themselves! Cuzz they be some ho's son! hehe str8 up!

We are different then guys I don't know why we are just more sensitive. We're more mean and tough than guys (believe it or not) but don't hurt us...we can get mad very easily. Or sad. Sensitive=girls. People with no hearts=guys.

Because girls have a hormone that guys don't have that make them more emotional. Some girls have more of this hormone than others which is why some girls are more sensitive than others.......or the girl is just a drama queen :)

Guys like girls who are themselves, some might like girls wth big boobs etc. but their tools!

You work it slow, and take it easy. Girls love funny sensitive guys.

They sit on top of them and grind themselves on the guy.

well for me its all about personallity ..but i know girls who will say a smile there teeth even there clothing chocies ..... some girls go for funny guys some go for sensitive guys .....

Maybe fat guys are more sensitive and maybe these girls actually have some type of connection mentally rather than physically. hope that helps.

Everything. We like it when girls walk, talk, jump. Guys often like things about girls, that girls doesn't like about guys. We are kinda creepy that way. :) that an it can be alot of certain things.. i think it depends on the guy tho

there first thought is why then, if they're sensitive they'll try to help

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