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Do girls like fatty black guys?

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Girls like nice guys so if you are nice it doesn't make much difference on the outside.

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Do Black guys like Gothic girls?

Yes, there are plenty of Black guys out there that like Gothic girls.

Do spanish girls like black guys?

Sometimes. It depend on if she like black guys or not.

What do black guys like in girls?

The same thing as white guys

Why do black guys like watermelon?

its not just the guys, its the girls too:)

Do emo guys like black girls?


Do Black guys like Hispanic girls in gangs?

Yes, Black guys do like Hispanic girls.As far as do they like Hispanic girls in gangs, well I guess that would depend on if the guy was in a gang too.

Why do black guys like white girls more?

This isn't true of all black guys -- or even most black guys. Unfortunately, a lot of guys believe they are supposed to like "Playboy" type white girls, so they don't get to know other types of girls. It's their loss!

What do you call a black girl who likes black guys?

There is no specific term for black girls that like black guys, just like there isn't a term for white girls that date white guys. There is no specific name for someone who dates inside their own race.

Do guys like chunky girls?

Some guys. (whisper) black guys! lol but yes lots of guys do.

Do black girls ever like white guys?

Yes, black girls can like white guys; and visa versa. Any race can like any race. Its inside that counts, not the outside

Do guys like black haired girls?

it depends on your personality

Do white guys like big black girls?


Do Black guys like Emo girls?

Yes, they really do.

What do black guys look for in girls?

Black guys just like the other races are human, with human likes just like the whites.

Can white guys like black girls?

Yes, Its Normal for a white guy to like a black girl.

Why do black guys like girls with big bootys?

this is a stereotype. not all black guys like girls with big butts. Some prefer big boobs and other features not just the butt

Why do guys like black girls?

because most black women have big butts

Do Hispanic girls like black guys?

Totally a person preference. I'm sure you can find Hispanic girls that are super attracted to black guys and ones that aren't.

Why do white girls like black guys?

Everyone has their own preference too what they find sexy. Not all white girls like black men just like not all black men like white girls.

What do black guys like in black girls?

they like the fact that they are in the same race. the fact that only they can fully understand how it is to be black.

Do guys like thick or thin girls?

Some guys like thick girls. Some guys like thin girls. Some guys like guys.

Do Mexican guys like black girls?

no they dont they preffer a blondy

Do emo girls like black guys?

Only for Butt Sex

Do black guys like petite white girls with red hair?


Do white girls like college educated black guys?