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No, but guinea pigs are very talkative and if kept in pairs will chatter to each other. They are usually active/resting on a one hour on, one hour off basis so they do have quiet times when they will lie down quietly and rest.

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What if your guinea pig doesn't make noise?

Its normal, Guinea pigs dont make noises if they are sleeping or playing. Scaring, Annoying and other stuff makes guinea pigs make noise. -Gmixer

Are guinea pigs related to pigs?

Guinea pigs are not related to pigs. Guinea pigs are called guinea pigs because of their squealing noise they make.

What noise do guinea pigs make when they are happy?

They normally squeak to you

Do guinea pigs make lots of noise?

Yes if they are happy.

Why does a guinea make noise?

Guinea pigs make noises to show their feelings like fear or exitment.

What does is mean when guinea pigs make noise?

Making noise is a way for Guinea Pigs to express themselves. Depending on the noise they could be scared, joyful, nervous, or even aggressive. Knowing which noises mean which can give you a heads up as to what your guinea pig is feeling at the moment. In a way this is essentially their way of talking to you and other guinea pigs.

How do guinea pigs make noise?

Guinea pigs make two souds:coos and squeaks.They coo when they're happy or comfortable,an they squeak when they want somehing.(usually food)

Do guinea pigs grow into pigs?

No, the only similarities between the two is that the noise guinea pigs make sounds similar to a pig's. The other similarity is that when guinea pigs walk it's just like how a pig walks.

Why do guinea pigs make a noise?

Well, they make noises because that's their way of comunicating with you and other guinea pigs. You need to make noise to comunicate too don't you? well that's why. if your guinea pig is annoyed with you all of the time, maybe its because you don't listen to it.

Why do guinea pigs make a lot of noise?

if they are happy or madhaha! when i was young i had guniea pigs and wondered the same thing. well they make alot of noise because that is how they talk.

Why do guinea pigs make that niose?

it depends on what noise. if it is a very high noise then they want to be put down but if its just a nice pitch they are happy and they also use squeaking to communicate with other guinea pigs

Do guinea pigs do noise because they want another guinea pig?

Possibly, most of the time they make that noise if they get excited, frightened, or want attention from something.

What noise do guinea pigs make when they are cross?

They grind their teeth and it makes a chattering sound.

Do guinea pigs make a humming noise when its there breeding cycle?

no they make humming noises when they are have digestive problems

Do quinea pigs sleep?

i think they do. my guinea pigs make noise when im sleeping but sometimes they dont so yes they do sleep

Do peanuts make guinea pigs fat?

no they do not make guinea pigs fat !

How do guinea pigs make their nests?

Guinea pigs don't make nests

What kind of noise does guinea pigs make when there angry?

when a guinea pig is upset or angry they will squeal loudly it may sound like screaming.

Do new born guinea pigs make lots of noise?

lots of the time they do butsometimes they do not because they are sleeping

What noise does a shrew make?

Voles make a small little chirps just like hamsters, guinea pigs, or gerbils.

Are guinea pigs afraid of a vacuums?

Guinea pigs are afraid of vacuums for the first 4 or 5 times but after that they get used to the noise and they are not scared.

What do people breed to make guinea pigs?

Other guinea pigs.

Why does the guinea pig make a weird noise when your petting him the wrong way?

Because a Guinea pig likes it when you pet him the way of his fur. And because Guinea pigs like to be stylish(:

How do guinea pigs make offspring?

They start to lure the females to get in heat with a purring noise then one hops on the other and they do it...

What noise do guinea pigs make?

your guinea pig when she/he is happy she will either whistle, hum, or purr. She will also make cry sounds when she is scared and if she is scared she will also chatter her teeth.

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