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Do guys hate it when girls talk or complain about their looks?


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Some guys do. Of course They don't hate it, their just bored by it and view it as a measurment of her shallowness.


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they dont hate nice guys

guys hate when sweat them.

Not all girls hate hairy guys if your very hairy dont be ashamed its just who you are

They don't hate smart guys, you probably come off as a know it all, which most hate.

It depends upon girls. Some like shy guys and some don't.

Guys don't necessarily "hate" things about girls they just have things that they prefer and things they don't and that is an individual preference ranging from guy to guy - you cannot generalize this.

Not all girls will hate it, but they are just not in fashion at the moment. They also seem to hug in the wrong places.

You could be yourself. Girls hate guys who try too hard.

Learn to write sentences, guys hate girls who can't spell or write sentences.

Ugly guys actually LIKE girls more then more descent guys! It is possible maybe this guy might not like some girls that don't talk very kind about his looks. But, you really shouldn't talk mean about a man, let alone person, just because they might not be cute or hot. It depends on how you treat this person.

Just because you don't love someone, doesn't mean that you hate them. Gay guys like girls as regular friends just as much as straight guys, if not more so. They just don't like them sexually.

he doesn't. Justin bieber is straight & likes girls.

no im a guy and i hate it when girls play hard to get it makes guys feel like there unloved but that's the fun of it! girls love to make guys feel unloved

Guys don't like girls to talk a lot and ask many "Qustions" , Because they like you to do what they want to do not what you want to do .

THey sometimes pretend to hate them but really like them. Other times they hate them because they are just plain annoying. THEY DONT HATE US GIRLS SOMETIMES THERE KINDA OF ARE AFRAID TO BE AROUND US SO THEY ACT LIKE THEY HATE US.

Its not hate but many teen boys only think about looks...

Guys like girl who are themselves all the time and are smart. They hate it when girls try to be something they're not. They love inner beauty.

It depends, there are some guys who like it when girls ask them out but there are also guys who prefer to do the asking and hate aggressive girls. So you really can't tell, try to get to know the guy first and see what kind of a guy he is.

Everybody has different opinions on what they like. The personality is what matters the most.

Show him who you really are and he'll like you for you.

girls depends who is smarter...girls hate when guys say there stronger or more Superior than girls or whatever that's why you should not say...girls!

I don't know, but I DON'T recommend bringing guys to that movie, girls would be attached to it, guys would HATE it.

When they think all about themselves and just dont stop talking about other girls or talk about guys

all i known is most guys hate girls who are really girly

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