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Do guys like girls that are thick?

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2011-09-13 01:08:52

Guys like girls of all different sizes.

Depends on you man, if he like something he can hold onto, than

yeah. I am An African American, female, and i have ben blessed with

those souther curves. My man loves it. Some men don't like girls

that are to skinny, because it looks unhealthy, and unattractive to

some. When you think of a lady, you think of curves, breasts, and

hips. But there are some men who like their women skinny as pecils.

For me I refuse to be a skinny girls. I love being thick, it means

I can take all the pounding in the bedroom! :)


YES! Guys LOVE girls that are thick. I don't think that any guy

likes a girl that's too skinny, OR to thick. I'm hispanic and

EVERYWHERE i go I've been told that I'm VERY thick for a hispanic

girl. I've been told i have a black girl body. But guys do like

girls that are thick, not everyone was blessed with thickness, but

thank god i was. ;)

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