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Is that very lady like? It doesnt sound like it. Ladies usually stay reserved and dont over do it. Yes guys in general do like girls leaning on them but some guys may pull back because of a certain image they have in there mind about how they want the pace to go. The girl should not seem to desperate and easy to give up her self, unfortunately, it may make her look easy and trashy and her integrity will be in question. This gal should be a lady from start to finish and not put herself in the position of moving too fast. True love and true feelings are beautiful feelings to absorb slowly, then you know your living. Take it easy and go slow. yeah some do yea if u over do it it looks really bad

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How do you pleasure your boyfriend more?

well, it honestly depends on the guy. while kissing you could use your tongue a little. but if your to the part of touching while kissing, then what you do is this. while you two are kissing, start to move your hand around his chest down his stomach all the way to his thigh, if your comfortable with it move to his part. that should make him happy. but it all depends on where you are in you relationship

How do you turn your boyfriend on while kissing?

ok. um touch his leg...feel his chest.or try just like stroking him on his back with your finger. only like really lightand while you are kissing, suddenly break off and give him an enticing milli second gaze and continue kissing. that just kills guys.

Where to touch him while kissing?

It depends, if the relationship has just started, then hug him while kissing him.

How far should you go down when bench pressing?

While doing bench presses, bring the bar to your lower chest till it touches your chest cavity or half inch to your chest and push back to top. On the top dont lock out your elbows but go till you feel complete sqeeze on your chest. This happens a little below you lock your elbows.

How do you turn your boyfriend on while kissin?

while kissing him use your hands...gently run your hands along his legs chest or back this really will turn your guy on also stop kissing him for a second look into his eyes and give him a very fun and flirty smile...guys go crazy for this

How do you turn on a guy while kissing?

try kissing his genitals

How can you kiss a girl lips to lips while she hates you and nervous of kissing?

I would highly recommend against this course of action.

Can you get any disease by kissing?

well, you can get coldsores, if the person you were kissing had a coldsore breakout while you were kissing him/her.

Why do guys touch your chest while kissing you and why do guys lift you as well and do guys lie while being in love with you?

Guys who touch your chest while kissing you are trying to make it to third base, sex. You should not be making out with a guy who you know wants more than a kiss. And the same if a guy lifts you, he is hoping if he gets in between your legs he get elsewhere. If you are not ready for that then don't let him get that far. And men who are not in a relationship for the person they love then yes they will lie to get out of anything or get you to do anything.

Why does girls close their eyes while kissing?

because they think its wierd to make eye contact while kissing.

Have Jacob and Bella made out?

Yes they have,in Eclipse,they were outside the tent while the Cullens and the wolves were fighting against the newborns and he tricked Bella into kissing him.

Can a girl get pregnant while kissing?


Do your tongues touch to each other's tongues while kissing?

Yes, if you are 'French' kissing.

When you have braces do you slobber while kissing?

Uhh no? It's just like normal kissing.

What does it mean if a girl places her head on your shoulder and presses against you while hugging?

it means she is enjoying the hug and doesnt want to let go! hold her tighly in return, she'll like it

How do you allow the chest to recoil completely after a chest compression while during CPR?

While performing CPR, allow the chest to fully recoil by making sure you have no pressure on the chest without lifting your hands off the chest.

What does it mean when your kissing someone and they giggle while kissing?

It means that they like it or they are trying to tell you that they are uncomfortable.

How do you know if a girl like your kissing?

if she closes her eyes while kissing then you can that she is tempt and like my kiss.

Is kissing the lips good for a girl?

While kissing in the lips its express our feeling so they like it

How do you talk while kissing?

You don't retard

What else can you do while kissing a guy?

Hug them?

How do you properly pleasure my girlfriends breast while kissing her?

It is best too grasp and twist them while kissing and with your spare hand finger her its nice HEHE

So i was kissing with my crush and he says me to Close my eyes while kissing why?

It's just more comfortableto close eyes while kissing, and less distracting. Closing eyes helps you to focus on a feeling of passion to your partner.

Why do you get chest pains while you are swimming?

You get chest pains while your swimming because of the pressure from the water on your body. Your body isn't used to the pressure so you get pains in your chest.

How do you open the chest on an iPad in minecraft?

Click the screen while your looking at the chest - it should open the chest. To get out just tap away (out of the chest)