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Yes i like it when my girlfriend plays with my hair. I have a buzz cut and she loves to play with it when we are making out

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Is it weird if a guy plays with girls hair?

It depends if the is your girlfriend or your crush? If it is your girlfriend then if shes ok with it then no its not but if its a crush she might a] know u like her and not care and find it entertaining or b] she might be very annoyed. In my case, if I liked the guy and he played with my hair I would NOT mind! I like it when guys play with my hair... as long as I like the guy.

Do guys like girls withglasses?

Some guys do, I have a girlfriend with glasses.

What hair color do guys like best?

Black is very good for Boys. It do good and very beautiful to see. Even girls also like the boys whose hair is in black colour. use black colour to your hair . Guys are more interested in who you are than in the color of your hair. Some guys like black hair; some guys like blond hair; some guys like brown hair; some guys like red hair; and some guys are turned on by a woman with a bald head. Some guys loose interest if you color your hair, because they think you are trying to be someone you are not. It is best to be yourself to attract boys who are interested in being with you (not just with your hair).

Do guys like long hair or short hair?

long all long like 5,99ft that long for women/female/females to grow their hair so LONG also tell if your girlfriend to NOT EVER CUT HER HAIR keep it long longer the sexier ;))

How much pubic hair do guys like girls to shave?

guys like all women to be completely shaven , the majority of guys only like a lady to have hair on her head no were else

Do guys like when their friends like his girlfriend?

Guys want their friends to like their girlfriend but nothing more........ They don't want her to be liked by his friends as much as he likes her........ Guys just want their friends to accept her and be ok with it but not love her...

Do girls like guys with red hair and why?

== == I think guys like redheads period.

What guys do zendaya like?

she likes guys with brown hair and tall skinny guys

What should I do if I meet a girl with a boyfriend?

Think about what it will be like when you have a girlfriend. What will you like her to do when she meets other guys? What would you like the guys to do?

Do guys like long or short hair?

Depends on the guys preferences.

Do guys like when a girlfriend messes up?

no cos guys think they are always right

Do guys like girls with or without pubic hair?

it just depends on the guy. most guys do like girls without pubic hair.

Do guys like girls hair in a pony tail or wavy and down?

Guys normally like hair wavy, it doesnt matter much.

Do guys like girls hair curled or straightened better?

It depends on the guy. Some guys like when girls have curly hair, some like it straight.

Do guys like a little hair on the vagina?

It varies from guy to guys but most don't mind a little hair

How should I style my hair for prom?

straighten your hair as guys like straight hair

Why do you like guys with emo hair?

There are a number of reasons why people like guys with emo hair. These people may be attracted to the color or the length for example.

How do you tell if your girlfriend likes other guys?


Do guys like pixie cuts?

Guys like confidence. If you LOVE pixie hair styles, go to the salon and get your hair cut. Then be confident about it! If you love it, he will too.

Why do guys like girls with blonde hair?

You don't have to have blonde hair. Usually blondes are more outgoing and guys like that. I don't mind hair color at all. How they act is more important to me.

What if the guy you like likes you back but has a girlfriend?

Just tell him to break up with his girlfriend and you guys can get together

How do you get a lot of guys to like you?

This is a hard question to answer because there are lots and lots of guys out there and all have different personalities and interests in girls. Ask around! What i mean by asking around is start talking to guys you are attracted to and ask what there interests are. Do they like hair up, or do they like long hair or do they like make up or straight hair. Doing this can get you noticed guys.

What hair color do most guys like the best?

I personally like when girls have blonde or black hair.

What hairstyles do guys like most on girls?

most guys like your hair down clean, and soft. If the guy can run his fingers through your hair, you did a good job.

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