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Do guys like long hair on girls?


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Everybody has their own preference, long short or whatever.

Hair is very sensuous, the feel, the smell, the colour; it does not have to be long, but it does need to be clean.


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Hmm it depends from guy to guy, but ya I beleve guys would prefer girls with long hair~

guys are different when it comes to women some guys like girls with long or medium hair either blond or brown or what ever color it just depends on the guy

it isn't about the hair it is about wats in the inside it could be ur beautiful or nice looking or always nice and that not because of ur hair most guys do like girls with long hair they seem to be more attracted to them than to girls with short hair

hell yeah we do, as long as it is loong enough to plait...

Any kind,as long as it's long,shiny and soft!

It all depends on what kind of girl she is. Me personally like guys with dark long hair.

Actually, this is kind of a question that isn't very accurate. Some men actually do have long hair, but you don't see them around as often as guys that have short hair. This is because guys will get made fun of if their hair is too long, but girls having long hair is her feminism. Girls that have short hair don't really get much attention.Girls have long hair because..Most guys are attracted to long hairGirls can hide many things (double chins, weird ears) with long hairGirls just love having and taking care of long hair!Guys have short hair because..Most Girls are attracted to men with shorter hairShort hair is easier to be kept, less matinence.

girls like guy with long hair and is carefree or guys with short hair and is athletic

boys like girls with long hair because girls with short hair look like dudes

It depends, a lot of girls I know like long skater hair that flips a little and is kind of messy, others like it short and clean cut.

Normally not. Preppy girls are classic and elegant; whereas "rocker type guys" are punk style, funky and outstanding.

I am a girl and girls like guys with in the middle hair as in like to your nose at the longest. That's what's considered cute. .................................................................................................................................................................. Well, I am a girl, and I think that guys look best in what fits their face AND if they take good care of it. Most guys to me look good with short hair slightly spiked, and maybe a little colored tips.

This is a hard question to answer because there are lots and lots of guys out there and all have different personalities and interests in girls. Ask around! What i mean by asking around is start talking to guys you are attracted to and ask what there interests are. Do they like hair up, or do they like long hair or do they like make up or straight hair. Doing this can get you noticed guys.

Because their hair is really nice. Their tight clothes shows off their bodies. They also look really sexy. It's liek their angels,they have more feelins like us girls. Most girls liek guys with long hair, not freaking short.

For the same reason they prefer blonde hair, or freckles, or long legs: it's just what some guys are into.

Depends on the guys preferences.

a swimsuit a cap (for girls or guys with long hair) goggles

Depends on which member. Liam likes girls with long hair like his girlfriend. Harry likes girls with short hair.

some girls like to braid their hair others like to twist it some like it up some like it down short, long ,every girl has lovely hair! however girls with short hair often want long hair ,girls with brown hair might want blond but girls really just like to play with their hair and make it look nice!

This is what I like in guys and I'm 1 month away from 13- long hair no dorky button up shirts they re nice and funny but hard to get talk to girls cute but not selfish and always comb their hair all the time by the way- girls DONT like mustaches, so shave it if u hav 1!!!

You have to let it grow out for a while. Girls are different our hormones make our hair grow faster.

Girls usually like longish, overgrown type of hair. But anything past halfway down a guy's neck just looks tacky. Girls also like guy's hair to be messy and/or wavy. This can be achieved messing up your hair and putting some gel or mousse through to hold it in place.

Me,Nick i love girls with long all you long haired girls hit me up

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