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Yes, they don't breathe either.

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Why do hamsters go stiff?

It might be in heat ( if it's a girl ).

Do hamsters go hard when they hibarnate?

No, your hamster is dead.

How long does is take for rigor mortis to set in for hamsters and how long does it last for because im not sure if my hamster is dead or not?

if it is cold and stiff it is dead it doesnt take long you'll smell it soon.

How do you know when your rabbit is dead?

they don't move they go cold they are stiff everyone knows that

Do hamsters play dead?

No hamsters don't play dead unless they are trained which is very unlikely

What does it mean if you call someone a boring stiff?

it basically means that they are as boring as a dead person, as 'stiff' is slang for a dead body.

When hamsters die do they stay stiff?

Yes, but you can bend their bodies still by twisting it yourself.

Why has your rabbit gone all stiff?

he dead!

How do you know if a hamster is hibernating or dead?

well since hamsters dont hibernate.... srry. Hamsters do hibernate. While hibernating they will be in deep sleep and they will not be stiff. Hamsters start hibernating if the temperature is below 60ºF . To awake a hamster, add more bedding so they can go under and keep warm, or you can out them in both of your hands to keep warm, or you can raise the temperature 5 degrees every 6 or 8 hours until the temperature returns to about 68-75ºF.

How do you know when a hamsters dead?

its not breathing

If a hamster is stiff does it mean its dead?

If it is like that, cold and not breathing, yes, it is dead.

What word starts with s that means dead?


What is a sentence with the word stiff?

The dead body was already stiff when I found it there.

When the extremities are stiff and rigid what kind of posturing is it?

Rigor mortis is dead stiff body, not really called posturing.

Do hamster go stiff when sleeping?

No they only get stiff if they pass away

How can your breasts be stiff?

You could be dead..........or maybe just excited

What is it called when a bodies turn stiff when dead?

Rigor Mortis

Do hamsters go through puberty?

Yes hamsters do

When a hamsters swells up what does this mean?

they are nearly dead

How can you tell if your hamsters dead?

Touch the hampster and if its cold..... and not moving... its dead. or...poke it with a stick?

When do hamsters go to sleep?

hamsters go to sleep during the day because they are NOCTURNAL.

Can you revive a puppy after it is stiff?

Sadly, no. Once the dead puppy has become stiff, rigor mortis has set in and there is nothing that can be done to revive it.

Is wd40 safe for hamsters?

no it isn't. it is adetergent, and should never be used in a hamsters cage. if the wheel is squeaky, or the door is stiff, then use cooking oil. it doesn't harm the hamster if it likes it off

How do you tell a pet mouse is dead?

if a mouse is dead it would be hard cold stiff and it doesn't movee

Is my hamster dead it was fine two hours ago and now she is stiff and cold to the touch?

Excellent diagnosis ... being stiff and cold is a pretty sure indication of death. (The stiffness will go away, but she'll stay at room temperature.)