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Most homeschooled children get far more attention than other children, with the exception of special needs children.

We homeschool our 5th grade daughter and 1st grade son. This is our first full year of homeschooling. We pulled our daughter out of public school in January 2003. We spend a lot of time together doing schoolwork and other activities. Much more time together now, versus when they were in public school. And it's great time too. Not just sitting in the classroom time, but getting in the kitchen making cookies time and going outside on a nature walk time. My daughter and I have finally gotten to know each other again! Homeschooling has been great for our family!

If it's done correctly, they get more attention.

Homeschooling is really a form of one-on one tutoring.You can't help but get attention that way.Where you don't get attention is as part of a larger group if you are either not naturally assertive or just so-called 'average'.Homeschooling by definition ensures attention-unless the parent never does anything with the which case,you wouldn't really be homeschooling!

In a large classroom setting, even the best-trained teacher is incapable of giving the individual attention necessary to help each student excel. Parents are not only able to devote much more time to their children, but they also know their pupils on a personal level. They are able to tailor their curriculum and teaching styles in ways that are most conducive to their child's productivity. This individualized attention is one of the advantages of home schooling.


Remember, home-schooled children receives a lot of attention. But schooling will depend on the parent/teacher/tutor's interest in teaching them at home. Also, since the children may be in a more comfortable background, they may learn more easily. Furthermore, schooling may require additional fees from tutors and other teachers, unless the parent is a teacher/tutor him or herself.

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Q: Do homeschooled children receive enough attention?
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