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Not at Fast Food places. Most other companies give paid vacations for hourly workers. You generally have to be a full-time (40 hours a week) employee.

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Q: Do hourly employees get vacation pay?
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Which of these employees are eligible for overtime and holiday pay?

hourly employees

How much does afaze pay employees hourly?


How much is the hourly pay for Guess employees?

8.50 in the cambridge galleria

Are employees owed vacation pay after quitting?

In the USA, normally employees in the private sector do not receive unused vacation pay when they resign or are fired. In the public sector, however, it is commonplace for public employees to receive pay for unused vacation pay. If a union is involved, then this issue will be found in the Union's agreement with the employees company or department. In many US States, even a resigning city school superintendent will receive pay for unused vacation days and even unused sick days.

A location employs 200 people If 170 of these are hourly employees and the rest are salaried employees what percentage of the employees are hourly?

A location employs 200 people. If 170 of these are hourly employees and the rest are salaried employees, what percentage of the employees are hourly?

Does a company have to pay an hourly employee for time lost when tending to a parent's needs?

No, an employer does not have to pay employees for the time they spend tending to a parent's needs. The employees parents are not the responsibility of the employer.

What is Aldo shoes hourly wage?

$7.50 per hour, no holiday pay, no overtime, and they will deny any vacation pay you are supposed to receive.

What is retail hourly pay for Walmart employees?

Walmart's average employee makes about $8.80 per hour.

How much does QuikTrip pay hourly employees?

$10.36 per hour for Second Assistant Night Manager

What is best for employer hourly or salary pay to employees?

It depends on the employee, the employer, the industry, and the type of position.

Is it a law that all salary employees are going to hourly pay?

No, it is not ... at least not without some qualifications.The US is changing its rules regarding exempt employees (the new rules go into effect December 1 2016), and employees at the low end of the salary range may no longer qualify for exempt status. So SOME salaried employees may be going to hourly pay (which among other things, means they will now be eligible for overtime pay).

Does a employer have to pay you earned vacation time?

If your question is "When I miss hours of work, can the employer refuse to call them paid vacation as I requested", the answer is "Goodness yes, the employer alone determines the vacation usage policy.