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You can use the telephone on the fax machine to make voice calls. The only drawback is that anyone who tries to send you a fax while you are on the phone will get a busy signal.

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Make sure that you have separate phone line for you fax machine and separate for your telephone. If not, even normal calls will make your fax machine rings.

There is a scanner in a fax machine but a fax machine can also make and receive phone calls and print documents.

You can't make free phone calls but you can make Skype calls for free, which is pretty much the same thing, except the receiver must also have Skype.

If the iPad is 3G, it is possible to make phone calls with an app from the app store. If you have Skype Credit and the Skype App, you can make calls with an iPad or iPod Touch.

It depends when you make calls.

I believe it used the internet to make phone calls. Which means you wont need a phone card.

All phones can make calls including Android.

yes if its a phone it will call

crank up the phone and call

Phones make calls by sending a signal to a satellite and transferring it to another phone

Making the phone calls to a florist or jewellery store usually works.

prepaid means you pay for phone calls before you call people phone plan (or post paid) means that you pay for phone calls etc... each month after you make the phone calls

People make phone calls to communicate with other people. They are useful for contacting someone urgently or someone who is far away from where you are.

You can not make phone calls without a carrier. You could theoretically make skype calls if it has Wi-Fi.

Phone calls cannot be made on the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch does not have the capabilities to make a phone call. But you can go on face time which is like skype

Yes Google voice can be used to make internet phone calls. You can also make free PC to phones call, and free PC to PC calls.

Hi Dear, To make free phone calls you can use internet. There are many programs that let you make free phone calls using internet. such as you can hook Google Voice with Sipgate and use it to make free phone calls. There are also so many other ways. I will add some links below for you to see for yourself. Regards, dinwal

Standard phone calls don't use the internet.

The iPhone lets you make phone calls, the iPod doesn't

No. Skype for symbian have no support for video calls; however you can make voice calls.

If you have a cell phone then they can make calls from many more places.

Not as such but you could make a skype call

Presently we can not make calls to Indian satellite phones now. But we can make calls INMARSAT phones which are from INMARSAT satellite. It will take time to come up with INDAIN Sattellite Phone. Space Application Centre (ISRO), Ahmedabad in INDIA is making now satellite phone now. With in 2 years we can make calls to sattelite phone from landline through satellite and viceversa

Prank calls can be reported to the Phone Company as harassing phone calls. The person making the calls (including the person who pays the phone bill) can be charged with a crime. Therefore, it is NOT a good idea to make prank phone calls. Plus, if the receiver has Caller ID or Callback Features on their phone, they can easily find out your phone number--and you could invite even more problems.

All telephones can make long distance calls. It is what service provider is offering you phone service that determines what kind of calls you can make. If you service provider offers long distance calling and you have a phone as well, you can make a long distance call.

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