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Virtually all industrial activities harm the environment in some way. What varies is how permanent the harm is, and whether and to what degree the harm can be mitigated. We should be especially concerned about harm that builds up faster than it can be repaired (such as the current global warming situation), as well as the use of resources that are not replenished as fast as they are drawn down (e.g. oil, gas, coal). Even "good" activities such as the manufacture of pollution control equipment will consume non-renewable resources and/or introduce harmful byproducts into the environment. Even the end product -- pollution control equipment -- usually only mitigates the harm from other activities, and doesn't actually improve the environment.

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Anything that harms the environment?

Human activity is the greatest harm to the environment. Human activities such as driving cars and industrial production are harmful to the environment.

One negative aspect of the industrial revolution was?

harm to the environment (novanet)

What are the human activities that harm the environment?

Deforestation, pollution, overhunting, overfishing.

Discuss the effects of human activities on the environment?

Human activities can either have a negative or positive impact to the environment. Deforestation is an example of human activities that cause harm to the environment. Afforestation on the other hand ensures natural habitats are restored and that the atmosphere is well balanced.

What human activities produce the ozone depleting substances?

Human activities that produce ozone depleting substance is industrialization. Industries that produce CFC's harm the environment.

What are the major five human activities that harm the environment?

We can litter, plotion, cutting down trees, killing animals,and

How do Chinook Indians harm are environment?

Chinook Indians do not harm the environment.

In what way and why does waste harm the environment?

in what way and why doeswaste harm the environment?

Can compasses harm the environment?

Yes compasses can harm the environment if you lave it on the sheet .

Will ozone bagging improve health or harm your health?

Ozone depletion will harm health. It will not improve health.

List the tourist activities?

tourists will harm our environment by ruining animals natural habitat while they drive around polluting the certain country they are in

How can you harm the environment by not decomposing?

we can harm the environment by not picing up garbage that is on the ground

Does ethanol harm environment?

Ethanol doesn't harm the environment; and any person flows vodka in a river !

How can building hotels and holiday resorts harm the environment?

Building hotels and holiday resorts does not generally harm the environment. They can harm the environment if you have to cut down a lot of trees to make room for the hotels.

Did the industrial revolution help or harm?


Does agriculture harm the environment?


How can machines harm the environment?

machines can harm the environment because some machines produce smoke that can pollute the air.

Do humans do more harm than good to Earth?

"Harm" and "good" are meaningless in the context of the impact on the Earth. Human activities may impact the quality of the environment for human life but this is only "change" not good or bad for the Earth.

Hazard meaning dangerous to the environment?

Means that it can harm the environment or aquatic environment

Do wood ducks harm the environment?

NO- they are a natural part of the environment.

Do machines harm or help the environment?

Both. And they are a part of our environment.

What activities do vegans do?

Vegans participate in a wide variety of activities. They avoid activities that cause harm to animals.

How does it harm the environment?

New types of plastic which are said to be biodegrdable are available. Find out more such materials and whether do or do not harm the environment.

How do social activities harm the environment?

Because in festivals like Diwali where people burn fire crackers the gases that are released make the environment warm and increase global warming. In other festivals like holi where people use artificial colours these colours harm the plants and other biotic components.

What harm is caused by the dumping of industrial waste?