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Do kids copy what they see on TV or do television programs copy them?

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Television's Influence on Kids Some kids can copy what they see on TV. The fear isn't so much the TV but the internet. Tonight on Channel 11 Canadian news my husband and I witnessed a video tape of kids using dry ice for bombs and the injuries sustained to these kids was horrific. They learned how to do that off the web! Many parents are more concerned and more worried about what their kids see on TV, but many don't have the slightest idea what their kids are doing on the internet and that's where many kids get strange ideas such as stupid tricks to try such as the dry ice theory, how to sustain Anorexia or Bulimia, etc. TV and the Internet are powerful tools and most ads are designed for kids to teenagers because they know they can draw them in easier. Not picking on kids, some adults certainly can be drawn into strange oddities off the Internet in particular. Porn is also at an all-time high and young kids are more curious than anything, but the stats prove that the kids of today are having sex as young as 10! Kids can copy what they see on TV and the Internet, but the ads are targeted at the kids so these companies can make big bucks. Canadian Laws are getting tougher to protect the kids, but it's a never-ending battle with the Internet so it's up to the parents to clue in to what their kids are doing on the Internet.

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Do kids get influenced by professional wrestling?

Kids try to copy the moves they see on tv and sometimes injure each other.

Kids should be able to watch WWE?

Yes they should. I think if kids can be trusted not to copy the moves they see on tv it will be fine. Their parents should watch it with them. They can fast forward it at bad or scary parts.

How do you copy tv show from hulu?

Its because that they might want to copy somthings they see ther.

Are there fitness training programs for kids? has exercise programs for kids. Also look on If there is a ymca in your area also go there and see if they are offering any classes for kids.

Why did the invented Elmo?

so the kids can see him on tv

How do you know about television telecasting?

It begins with a tv station. They show tv programs and direct the news. To see what I mean, try reading the article.

How many kids are injured copying stunts they see on the television?


What came first movies or television?

Movies, because the television made it possible to see programs such as the news at home instead of going out.

What happens to kids who watch to much TV?

Scientists believe that the more TV you watch, the worse your grades will be in school. Many parents have found out that their kids imitate the rude behavior and language that they see on TV. Therefore, many parents have limited TV to a certain amount of time for their kids.

Do tv and film influence to children more than parents?

This is not an easy question to answer, because not every child reacts to TV and movies the same way. Further, it is not really an "either/or" situation-- children may be influenced by film and TV, but also influenced by their parents. That said, we live in a media-driven culture, where kids have access to a wide range of choices-- TV, radio, internet, video games, movies, magazines, etc etc. It is very challenging to be a parent, given all of the media in our culture. Some parents try to restrict what their kids watch on TV, but there are many ways kids can watch inappropriate content (at a friend's house, via the internet, etc) and this makes policing children's viewing habits very difficult. As an educator, I agree that children can indeed be influenced by what they see on TV (not just violence-- kids can see super-thin models; programs that seem to glorify rude behavior; or make teen pregnancy look glamorous; or programs that have too many commercials for products kids really don't need). But there is no substitute for a strong relationship between parents and children. Parents need to do more than just forbid their kids from watching X, Y, or Z (the more you forbid something, the more kids are going to want to see what the fuss is about). Parents need to learn as much as they can about the popular programs, and watch a few of them with their kids; this gives the parents a chance to explain potential issues or concerns they might have. Parents also need to be good role models-- kids learn by what they see, and if parents use TV or movies like a babysitter, their kids will learn from those media, rather than learning ethics and values from their parents.

Do you think that you will to tobago sometime its an small island and the kids want to see you cause we only see you on tv?

WHAT?!?!?! What are you saying?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Do kids get into gang violence because of what they see on tv?

maybe. If they see a lot of that stuff on tv, and if they have the wrong friends that have the potential of becoming a gang or being assosiated with gang violence, then yes.

Why do you think movies and television have age restictions on who can see them?

Because things in R rated movies aren't meant for kids to see or hear.

How can Netflix be different from Fox Kids?

Netflix be different from Fox Kids because you get to choose what you want to watch and when. Though many of the programs from Fox Kids are available on Netflix, you could only see them at their regularly scheduled times when viewing them during Fox Kids.

Hardware consist of the computer programs?

No, Computer programs are called software.Hardware is physical stuff, that you can see and touch and take up a physical space, such as the cabinet, circuit boards and drive units.Software is like electricty, you cannot see it but you can see it's effects, you can store it, copy it and use it, but you cannot really touch it.

What tv show has a bad influence?

Tom and Jerry is a bad influence but it's hilarious and your kids aren't dumb enough to imitate everything they see on TV

What colleges recently started new football programs?

How recent? Coastal Carolina is a recent program that you will begin to see on national tv.

Is Television Good or Bad?

Television has its good side. It can be both entertaining and educational and can open up a new world for kids, giving them a chance to travel the globe, learn about different cultures, and gain exposure to ideas they may never encounter in their own community. Shows with a pro-social message can have a positive effect on kids' behavior. Programs with positive role models can influence viewers to make positive lifestyle changes. TV shows can inspire kids to try new activities and engage in "unplugged" learning. When kids see their favorite characters engaged in fun learning games, they want to play too. Kids also like learning activities more if they involve beloved characters. Preschoolers' shows are especially effective for generating ideas for learning activities and using characters to motivate kids. If children watch good educational programs on TV they can learn many new things very easily. They can learn about places they have never been to and animals they have never seen and they could learn about new scientific discoveries. TV can be a great medium for educational purposes. Preschoolers can learn the alphabets, colors and numbers from television. Children can get information on wildlife and expand their knowledge with quiz contests and others games on TV. With television, children can keep a track of the latest happenings and the current events. Television comes across as an excellent form of entertainment for kids, in the form of cartoons and kids programs. Some TV shows can educate, inform and inspire. It can be more effective than books or audiotapes in teaching your kid about processes like how a plant grows or how to bake a cake.Studies show that kids who watch educational and non-violent children's shows do better on reading and math tests than those who do not watch these programs. Kids who watch informative and educational shows as preschoolers tend to watch more informative and educational shows when they get older. They use TV effectively as a complement to school learning. Preschoolers who viewed educational programs tend to have higher grades, are less aggressive and value their studies more when they reach high school, according to a long-term study. There are many programs on television that are useful such as news programs or documentaries. Television provides a way to see what's going on around the country and the world.=======================Television is both good and bad.Pro (good)-1. Channels are made epically for learning2. Fills in time/entertaining3. Know what is going on around your area and all over the world .4. It improves the language ability.5. learn past history or news.Con (bad)-1. Kids who watch TV before bed tend to have a disturbed sleep and wake up during the night2. Distracting3. Kids forget / don't want to do chores, Homework,be active.... etc.4. Too much TV can actually shrink your knowledge5. Hurts eyesTelevision is both good and bad.

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I think TV is evil and brainwashing. I would rather see kids interacting with each other and have REAL LIFE experiences with real live kids. That is the only real way of socializing children. Attention Deficitand other issues kids are dealing with these days are most likely caused by TV.

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